Paying £30-50 for a licence to buy or use certain fireworks

Paying £30-50 for a licence to buy or use certain fireworks

The Bill enables the Scottish Government to potentially charge people when they apply for a licence to buy or use CAT F2 and CAT F3 fireworks. If this is law is introduced, there could be a licence fee of between £30 and £50. Is this cost range too high, too low, or about right? If you agree with this proposal, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us what you think of the cost range using the comment boxes below. Is £30-£50 too high, too low, or about right? CAT F2 fireworks should only be used with spectators 8m away (2 cars length) while CAT F3 should only be used with spectators 25m away (a normal swimming pool size).


If you need to pay for a licence, it might make people think twice about it, hopefully, only the serious people will apply. The only thing with this idea is, you'll get some people 'faking' with a fake license.

There should be no cost.

Licensing will not deter those who ignore normal behaviour and will still get access to banned products.

As long as this isn’t the only condition to get a license. They need to go through a training course and prove valid reason for needing the license such as proof of employment to a pyrotechnics company or self employed with proof of events. The general public shouldn’t be able to just get a license and hold private unregulated events at home

Min of £100 to put licence out of reach of people not putting on organised display

Anything which reduces irresponsible behaviour regarding fireworks can only be a good thing.

I think £30 is about right. That is less than the cost of one box of Crazy Whistling Cometswhich fires an unrelenting 300 shots of noise .

There should be no licence for law abiding members of the public to enjoy the safe and time honoured tradition of using and buying fireworks for private celebrations. Dogs cause more distress and injury to other members of the public.

Yet again more red tape . You will drive people away from wanting to purchase a family box of fireworks . This is an utterly abhorrent misuse of creating laws where problems don’t exist

£30 to sit an online test your having a laugh

Current laws are sufficient and just require enforcement

It should be more organised and you should be made to pay for a display as dangerous things

The higher the cost the better

People will find a way to use fireworks with or without this extra cost. And it just becomes a money game, cutting out the poorer demographic as they can’t afford it, borderline discriminatory

There are many people who use fireworks and are responsible and this would I think put them off celebrating.

I agree there should be a cost, but think it should be more than £50 to ensure only legitimate and responsible users are buying a license

It would discourage irresponsible idiots from unsupervised use of fireworks. The higher the fee, the better. Better yet, ban all private use of fireworks.

It would definitely lower the instances of people just letting these things off in their back yards and make life less stressful for all sorts of vulnerable people and animals. £30 is way too low. I’d make it at least £50.

Higher for organisations running displays. Many hotels have firework displays

A licence if you need it to get fireworks. If it’s just to make money then no. It should be no fireworks if you haven’t got a licence for them.

Better banned for public use altogether but this may help

It will only make more money for the government not lessen the use of fireworks

Do not believe this is workable, £50.00 would not cover all the administration costs and lumber over stretched councils and Police excessive time to check persons seeking a licence especially at peak time requirements such as 5th November, New Year and other festivals etc. Probably £200 - £300 is a more conservative costing. Not just a token amount (£50.00) paying lipservice to the whole thing. Leave firework displays to the trained and qualified professionals in the industry

The idea of licensing is okay, but the proposed charges are too low and are not enough to deter the idiots. There also needs to be other criteria. You have to go through a whole application and vetting process to hold a gun licence, but this implies turn up with your £30 and you’re sorted. Fireworks are dangerous in the wrong hands and some people are either irresponsible or just plain stupid. There has to be criteria and a proper system of licensing on a par with gun licensing.

It should cost more for a license

It is too little. Minimum £250

Anything that restricts the use would be welcome

Agree. Small price to pay.

Has to be other conditions to go with this

It is too cheap

I think the level of fee is set too high. That said, maybe it would encourage more use of F1 fireworks that don't need a licensed user.

it will help, only help, to eliminate some of the numpties.

Dogs are more dangerous than fireworks. For every NHS admission for a firework injury 60 admissions follow dog attacks. No member of the general public has been killed by a firework this century dogs have killed dozens. Why not prioritise the area where more lives can be saved? Licence dog ownership and DNA test all dogs keeping a UK wide database. This will make dog owners liable when they attack other animals such as the 15000 sheep savaged to death every year.

So a typical family will send £50-£60 on fireworks...and now you want to add another 50% to 100% to that! White van man will think all his Xmas's have come at once!

It would put a lot of people off if the price was high

families using a small box of fireworks (say £20) in their own back garden are not going to want to pay £30/£50 for a licence, the bill should target illegal and anti social behaviour not law abiding people enjoying themselves as they have for many years.

Fee is too low. General public should not be allowed to buy. Only organised displays with correct license abd insurance.

£30-£50 is not high enough. The kind of people who bother others with fireworks will not have a problem getting the money. Any use of fireworks should require a licence - £100+ should be considered a starting point. Any venue or site that they are used at should have to apply for a permit for each individual event. The cost should be based on the number of people of attending, the number and type of fireworks used, and any (likely/possible) disruption in the area. A basic minimum cost of £1000.

I really don't think any member of the public should be able to buy fireworks. They are very dangerous and its ludicrous that it continues to be okay to purchase these. They cause untold suffering just so some people can have 'fun'. Go to a licenced display if you want to see fireworks where it is safe. I am sure the NHS would appreciate that too when countless people come in every year with burns from fireworks.

I think the fee is too low - fireworks should only ever be bought and used at organised events

People want fireworks and will not pay a fee for something they have already enjoyed for years. Great, I intend to open a shop just over the English border.

Having a small barrier to entry will help people plan and decide rather than impulsively launching dangerous fireworks.

I agree with the idea but think £100 is more appropriate.

These fireworks are totally unsuitable for personal use

I think it should be at least £50

It would stop teenagers buying and setting off fireworks, throwing them at people, animals, cars, houses

It will help to keep animals & people safe.

At least £50. Many people seem to missing the point here, this is about protecting people and animals from the back yard idiots!!

Might help reduce the number of people who just buy a couple of very very loud ones to set off at their party at 2am when they’ve all had a bit much to drink.

It would potentially serve to deter the purchase of fireworks, however, the requirements associated with owning one should extend beyond financial capability.

I don’t agree it should be a much higher fee to stop casual use of fireworks

Cost is too low.

if they have to show the license to purchase, or their responsible users would just ignore it

Because of the fear for all animals and the unnecessary noise that goes on for weeks

The more restrictions to save animals from harm or abuse, the better.

No one should be able to buy a licence to cause a public nuisance.

I am all for making a fireworks licence dofficult but for members of public feek this is far too low a fee - makes it more encouraging to get one

Yes yes yes maybe not as high a cost but maybe a background check

Too low a charge. More money would put more people off. But hiw would this enforced if buying online ?

The charges need to be higher, to act as a deterrent to buy. And NO FIREWORKS, FLARES etc CAN NOT be bought without a License and all buyer’s names need be logged for reference.

I think it's fine as it will put certain people off as they can't afford it.

Just ban completely except for public displays

Doesn't go far enough, general public should not be able to purchase

There are too many days when fireworks could be legally used

£50 is about right as it is not a significant amount to a serious and responsible individual putting on a display, but will discourage spur of the moment random purchase for petty or malevolent use. Difficulty is to police gangs of youths “clubbing together”to purchase a licence

I do agree that they should be licensed but for pyrotechnic professionals only- you should not be able to just buy a licience. Fireworks and other explosives should not be available to the general public.

Fireworks are a nightmare for anyone who cares about animals.

Licence requirements rarely put people off as who monitors them. Look at the number of people driving unlicensed cars

If members of the public are to be allowed access to fireworks the price of the licence should be higher.

I agree that we need regulation, however the cost of a licence should be much higher than the proposed amount. My dog has to be given diazepam due to fear and it is so difficult to watch her shaking with fear. The irresponsible use of fireworks must be eradicated.

Fireworks are equivalent to firearms when used wrongly

Cost needs to be higher at least £100

It won’t change anything , especially football fans will still misuse them . Try £500

It’s too cheap and no deterrent. If people want to waste money on fireworks that won’t be enough to stop them. It could become a sort of status symbol

I agree its a start Fireworks should only be used only in large celebrity gatherings and large areas not and i say Not in anyones back garden and Not were there is danger to wild life

Fireworks are dangerous and some people find it amusing to set them off in public places or worse, abuse innocent creatures with them. Displays should be licenced and fireworks only be purchased by those with a licence and only for organised events. Stop selling fireworks to the general public.

Provided that the "certain fireworks" are well defined and reasonable and the money raised is used to compensate victims of fireworks.

It would put a lot of people off, if the price was high.

Fireworks cause distress to pets, wildlife and to people. They should only be available to licensed firework displays for the public such as at the end of Edinburgh Festival and new year at Edinburgh Castle

Unfortunately if it is too cheap and easy to obtain a licence too many unsuitale people will want to get one. A reasonable annual fee will help with this.

It causes constant disturbance at all times of the day throughout the year and upsets my dog

Cost to low should be £100 or upwards and only then when proper training completed and uderstood

To the extent that fireworks are allowed at all, they must be limited to only being used in appropriate events.

Charging a licence fee is a good deterrent

It should make sure only fully licenced events can use fireworks in a safe way

It acts as a potential deterrent

No one should have access to dangerous fireworks.

it is sensible, as it drives individuals away from havig individual parties to more organised ones, with full H+S control.

There should be a requirement to complete training and the charge should be over £100 to include that cost

They should only be sold to legitimate organisations and not to the public.

it may deter the number of people buying fireworks

I disagree with this part of the bill because it favours people with money. As they can easily pay for a licence it would be unfair on those who can't. However, I am in favour of reducing the opportunity to buy fireworks from local shops. This aspect does not strike me as either fair or balanced.

Too cheap. Only licenced organisations should be able to buy them for licenced events, with distance controls to viewing public, where fireworks are under the control of a trained pyrotechnic operator.

It will impose an additional control to prevent dangerous use of fireworks. If only license holder are able to buy fireworks this will mean that only those who want to run a properly organised event hav access to fireworks.

I agree there should be a cost, but think it should be between £50- £100 to ensure only legitimate and responsible users are buying a license. This should deter any member of the public getting one.

A person wanting a small family box of supermarket fireworks is not going to pay this amount therefore, depriving their children of a fun family time, why can you own a dog of which can cause death or serious injury with no licence or checks, but a mum can't buy her children some sparklers, ridiculous proposal

I don’t think the public should be able to buy these fireworks.

The cost should be much higher. A bunch of lads get together, £10 each is nothing, and suddenly they have access to all the powerful fireworks! That is crazy! £500 may be more of a deterrent.

I believe in requiring a license to buy fireworks would certainly put off certain customers but who would police this and stop online platforms from selling false licenses which almost certainly will happen.

it's confusing - what's the event in April? Also if you do have to have fireworks restrict the buying opportunity to a couple of days before the event only. Don't need to be able to buy fireworks after an event - that's just plain stupid.

It should be all fireworks

It may deter the casual purchaser. I suggest £50-£100 would be more appropriate

it will stop people using fireworks wrongly.

the licence should be more expensive, maybe £100 a year. This will stop idiots buying and using them.

The license cost is far too cheap, not a big enough deterrent. We should be doing all we can to take fireworks out of the hands of the untrained general public

Anything to put people off using them, because they are dangerous and it is ridiculous that members of the public can buy such dangerous things.

Hopefully only responsible people will apply

This adds to the control aspects. A licence fee of at least £50 should not be an issue for professional personnel and organisations using fireworks and should be seen as part of the operational costs. In fact it should emphasise the importance of this type of authority.

A licence fee of at least £50 for use of these fireworks should emphasise the responsibility associated with their use. It should focus the use on to professional organisations, for whicj such a fee would be part of the organisational costs

licence fee for use of ANY fireworks would be better

Cost range is too LOW

There would be more control over who uses fireworks

I think you should have to pay more for a licence and fireworks should be banned around domestic dwellings or near forests and wildlife so as to preserve species and not alarm pets.

The fee is too low. If they have to be used at all, these kind of fireworks should only be used in organised, properly controlled events

It will limit the use/misuse of fireworks, however, I think the fee should be more. Say £100.

I believe that this will substantially reduce the irresponsible use of fireworks.

Would hopefully discourage misuse of fireworks

We seriously need to control the use of fireworks where so few people can effect so many people, wildlife and pets.

We need control to prevent so few effecting so many people, pets and wildlife over far too long a period

To stop fireworks completely.

A complete ban except for displays presented by licensed professionals who can provide evidence of training and insurance.

Members of the public should not be able to buy fireworks at all

I agree with this but feel the fee should be higher eg £100 & training must be mandatory

I think it should be more like £100


They should also need a license too, paying an extra £50 isn’t going to stop it unless they are physically showing proof of I’d and fireworks license

£30 or £50 is nothing when people are spending hundreds on fireworks, I don't think this will make any difference sadly.

Members of the public should not be allowed to purchase explosives (which is what fireworks are)

Charge should be at least £100 preferably much more

I think paying for a licence will discourage members of the public buying fireworks for antisocial purposes.

If you are to make it so you need a license then any organised display will have to charge enough to cover the charge.

It would deter misuse of fireworks, meaning only properly organised and run displays would take place

I think the amount should be higher to act as a deterrent.

Charging a fee for a license is a pointless waste of time and money.

I think perhaps the fee itself should not be the only condition to obtaining the fireworks licence. I also think the fee is low.

All 4 respondents considered the lower limit of £30 as too low and agreed that the higher the fee the better, despite considerations about exclusion by socio-economic circumstances. (RNIB Session 23rd February).

Not charging enough for this to prevent people getting hold of them. Restricted dates and only to be used by licensed companies with proper certificates and training.

Crazy the problem few wouldnt buy these.. It’s dogs and pets that should be controlled with licenses reintroduced

It should be at least £50. If people really want to have their kids watch fireworks they should attend an organised display where professional pyro techs know what they’re doing.

No disagree this is not enough fireworks are dangerous and should only be purchased for organised events not the public

Too low. Higher would help stop idiots buying them.

This is middle of the road - it resolves nothing imo. Members of the public should not have access to explosives full stop

Too low. £100 at least. It’s meant to be a deterrent not e.g. 3 people chipping in a tenner each, that’s no deterrent.

It would restrict purchase, but would make it considerably higher as deterrent.

Should be a higher fee

Fee is too low. Fireworks should not be availab le in supermarkets etc.

Although most shopkeepers would check a licence when fireworks are sold, this does not guarantee the fireworks won't then be passed on to someone else who uses them improperly and unlicensed. Police will not have resources to check everyone on street with fireworks.

The price ahould be much highet if yiubhave to let people buy fireworks at all. They're bad for the environment and cause huge distress to animals and the elderly and frail

Charging a licence fee will only hurt legitimate users. The few irresponsible users will ignore this licence requirement just as they ignore existing controls.

Fee on it's own not enough. And if you're having a party for a few people £30 very cheap, £1 each in a whip round? Not a strong measure without effective licencing.

I believe that the fee should be considerably higher, that you must attend a proper training course at a cost and that the public should not be able to purchase them.

It restricts the purchase of fireworks.

Nonsense. You can buy a safe, legal, tested firework for less than £6. Why do you need a licence costing £60 to set it off safely in your own garden?


There needs to be some deterrent to the volume of fireworks. Our dog is terrified of fireworks. It's not just once a year, there seems to be fireworks for multiple events. Too many to endure. I love fireworks, but I can't enjoy them anymore as I spend their duration trying to comfort a shaking, wide eyed dog.

I think there should be a licence fee if fireworks are to continue but £100 might be more appropriate. Better to ban fireworks altogether, though.

I think the fee should be higher and licence length time limited. It should also be dependent on completing explosive handling courses & should be produced in order to purchase fireworks

This amount is far too low and should not apply to the general public.

Too low should be much more

Proposals do not go far enough. These are explosives that some people misuse, and a lot of people use without considering their impact. Why is there no proposal to limit the decibel rating on those fireworks that would still be allowed for sale? They terrify animals.

An administration fee is fine - but there should be more requirements to obtain a license

I think the need to get a licence is important, so that people have to plan to buy and use fireworks rather than do it impulsively. I also think it should have to be renewed every year, again so that people have to give it some thought and take it more seriously. The cost doesn't need to be so high though, maybe £10-£20.

The cost range is too low. If people are desperate to set ff fireworks then let them pay for the privilege.

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