Paying £30-50 for a licence to buy or use certain fireworks

Paying £30-50 for a licence to buy or use certain fireworks

The Bill enables the Scottish Government to potentially charge people when they apply for a licence to buy or use CAT F2 and CAT F3 fireworks. If this is law is introduced, there could be a licence fee of between £30 and £50. Is this cost range too high, too low, or about right? If you agree with this proposal, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us what you think of the cost range using the comment boxes below. Is £30-£50 too high, too low, or about right? CAT F2 fireworks should only be used with spectators 8m away (2 cars length) while CAT F3 should only be used with spectators 25m away (a normal swimming pool size).


Better banned for public use altogether but this may help

It will only make more money for the government not lessen the use of fireworks

Do not believe this is workable, £50.00 would not cover all the administration costs and lumber over stretched councils and Police excessive time to check persons seeking a licence especially at peak time requirements such as 5th November, New Year and other festivals etc. Probably £200 - £300 is a more conservative costing. Not just a token amount (£50.00) paying lipservice to the whole thing. Leave firework displays to the trained and qualified professionals in the industry

The idea of licensing is okay, but the proposed charges are too low and are not enough to deter the idiots. There also needs to be other criteria. You have to go through a whole application and vetting process to hold a gun licence, but this implies turn up with your £30 and you’re sorted. Fireworks are dangerous in the wrong hands and some people are either irresponsible or just plain stupid. There has to be criteria and a proper system of licensing on a par with gun licensing.

It should cost more for a license

It is too little. Minimum £250

Anything that restricts the use would be welcome

Agree. Small price to pay.

Has to be other conditions to go with this

It is too cheap

I think the level of fee is set too high. That said, maybe it would encourage more use of F1 fireworks that don't need a licensed user.

it will help, only help, to eliminate some of the numpties.

Dogs are more dangerous than fireworks. For every NHS admission for a firework injury 60 admissions follow dog attacks. No member of the general public has been killed by a firework this century dogs have killed dozens. Why not prioritise the area where more lives can be saved? Licence dog ownership and DNA test all dogs keeping a UK wide database. This will make dog owners liable when they attack other animals such as the 15000 sheep savaged to death every year.

So a typical family will send £50-£60 on fireworks...and now you want to add another 50% to 100% to that! White van man will think all his Xmas's have come at once!

It would put a lot of people off if the price was high

families using a small box of fireworks (say £20) in their own back garden are not going to want to pay £30/£50 for a licence, the bill should target illegal and anti social behaviour not law abiding people enjoying themselves as they have for many years.

Fee is too low. General public should not be allowed to buy. Only organised displays with correct license abd insurance.

£30-£50 is not high enough. The kind of people who bother others with fireworks will not have a problem getting the money. Any use of fireworks should require a licence - £100+ should be considered a starting point. Any venue or site that they are used at should have to apply for a permit for each individual event. The cost should be based on the number of people of attending, the number and type of fireworks used, and any (likely/possible) disruption in the area. A basic minimum cost of £1000.

I really don't think any member of the public should be able to buy fireworks. They are very dangerous and its ludicrous that it continues to be okay to purchase these. They cause untold suffering just so some people can have 'fun'. Go to a licenced display if you want to see fireworks where it is safe. I am sure the NHS would appreciate that too when countless people come in every year with burns from fireworks.

I think the fee is too low - fireworks should only ever be bought and used at organised events

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