Paying £30-50 for a licence to buy or use certain fireworks

Paying £30-50 for a licence to buy or use certain fireworks

The Bill enables the Scottish Government to potentially charge people when they apply for a licence to buy or use CAT F2 and CAT F3 fireworks. If this is law is introduced, there could be a licence fee of between £30 and £50. Is this cost range too high, too low, or about right? If you agree with this proposal, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us what you think of the cost range using the comment boxes below. Is £30-£50 too high, too low, or about right? CAT F2 fireworks should only be used with spectators 8m away (2 cars length) while CAT F3 should only be used with spectators 25m away (a normal swimming pool size).


People want fireworks and will not pay a fee for something they have already enjoyed for years. Great, I intend to open a shop just over the English border.

Having a small barrier to entry will help people plan and decide rather than impulsively launching dangerous fireworks.

I agree with the idea but think £100 is more appropriate.

These fireworks are totally unsuitable for personal use

I think it should be at least £50

It would stop teenagers buying and setting off fireworks, throwing them at people, animals, cars, houses

It will help to keep animals & people safe.

At least £50. Many people seem to missing the point here, this is about protecting people and animals from the back yard idiots!!

Might help reduce the number of people who just buy a couple of very very loud ones to set off at their party at 2am when they’ve all had a bit much to drink.

It would potentially serve to deter the purchase of fireworks, however, the requirements associated with owning one should extend beyond financial capability.

I don’t agree it should be a much higher fee to stop casual use of fireworks

Cost is too low.

if they have to show the license to purchase, or their responsible users would just ignore it

Because of the fear for all animals and the unnecessary noise that goes on for weeks

The more restrictions to save animals from harm or abuse, the better.

No one should be able to buy a licence to cause a public nuisance.

I am all for making a fireworks licence dofficult but for members of public feek this is far too low a fee - makes it more encouraging to get one

Yes yes yes maybe not as high a cost but maybe a background check

Too low a charge. More money would put more people off. But hiw would this enforced if buying online ?

The charges need to be higher, to act as a deterrent to buy. And NO FIREWORKS, FLARES etc CAN NOT be bought without a License and all buyer’s names need be logged for reference.

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