Taking an online course before getting a fireworks license

Taking an online course before getting a fireworks license

The Bill would require people to take a basic online course before they can get a licence to buy and use CAT F2 and F3 fireworks. If you agree with this proposal, rate it up (πŸ‘), if you disagree, rate it down (πŸ‘Ž). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


Waste of time and money

People / Groups should have proper training when handling fireworks

It’s a waste of time, people won’t pay attention too it and will waste money on it then think they know it all potentially becoming more dangerous

I have seen fireworks used dangerously. At least it makes people have to stop and think about using them.

Fireworks are dangerous in the wrong hands, they have been used as weapons. Taking a course would stop them falling into the wron hands

This is beyond ridiculous!

Current laws are sufficient and just require enforcement

I have seen dangerous use of fireworks and it is scary. This proposal would at least make people stop and think before usage.

Do I need an online course to buy a Gas BBQ? Hmmnn gas....explosive. Do I need an online course to buy Parachute Flares for my boat? What load of tosh !

A licence can be revoked if conditions are not met. If for example the event is not advertised in order for the necessary coping strategies to be put in place.

It would go some way to controlling who buys them, personally I would stop selling them

Nice idea, but I doubt it would make much difference to the sort of person who missuses fireworks

Yes. Definitely. Fireworks are explosives not for the use by amateurs

It would enable people to plan ahead

Yes agree. They are explosives after all

An online course is not enough. Fireworks shoukd not be available to members of the public.

people need proper training, there is no way of knowing who has actually undertaken the training if its on line.

This would help increase awareness of the harm they cause and deter casual use of powerful fireworks

Promotes responsible use

This is hardly specialist training and a waste of time and money, will you remember what a 10min course said 5 years ago

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