Taking an online course before getting a fireworks license

Taking an online course before getting a fireworks license

The Bill would require people to take a basic online course before they can get a licence to buy and use CAT F2 and F3 fireworks. If you agree with this proposal, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


Responsible users will pay to be within the law. 'Problem' users or mis-users will ignore this requirement and buy from England or illegally via the postal service from the EU. Net effect of this proposal? zero. A really badly thought out proposal. A licencing regime for dog owners, who's animals are the cause of most noise complaints and far more hospitalisations than from fireworks, should take priority.

It would help, but depends on how hard the course is. I think it would still be too easy to get your hands on them

These type of fireworks are designed to be suitable for use without training.

Not cost effective and no point

Stupid idea! Any handler should be properly trained under professional in person guidance using actual pyrotechnics. This is not a cooking class, these are dangerous explosives!!

This is a bonus for people who want to use fireworks privately and responsibly

Definately should be trained on how to use them

Good idea if we really must continue to allow fireworks.

since the Government is not minded to ban fireworks altogether, something that might make them safer is to be welcomed

a course should be mandatory for anyone who is genuinely wanting to use fireworks.

If fireworks are to continue then knowing how to use them properly is essential

I believe that too many people take risks with fireworks and don't understand the consequences.

This is restriction by the back door. It would make even small displays significantly harder to organise.

But still open to misuse by others to apply for their friends

This isnt good enough, competency cannot br properly assessed. The whole point is to stop inappropriate use, printing off a certificate then doing the same as usual, does not solve any of the issues with firework use.

They are dangerous and often used incorrectly

those who disregard the rules will take no notice of training requirements. further i don't believe an on-line course is enough.

I don't think that watching a video/completing a questionnaire online is an indicator of competency. This is also unfair for responsible people who can't get online. Perhaps public bodies such as fire brigades can more accurately determine competency.

only would work if there was proof that an online course had been done - anyone could say they've done it

General public should not be allowed to carry explosives in any setting

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