Local councils creating 'firework control zones.'

Local councils creating 'firework control zones.'

The Bill would give local councils powers to create zones where fireworks can’t be used: "firework control zones: Before making a place as firework control zone (or amending or revoking a zone) a local council would need to publish a proposal about the zone, including the reasons for the zone and its boundaries. The council would also need to consult the local community. If you agree with this proposal, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


I believe fireworks should only be used when part of an organised event

I own a neurotic dog so no one should be allowed to have fireworks ever. My rights and the rights of my dog are more important than the rights of others.

Little space for this and a great pleasure for children to let fireworks off in their own areas

Can we make all of Scotland a firework restricted zone please?

in the absence of a complete ban, it would help to reduce the distress caused by fireworks.

It gives too much power to the local Council. Councillors will sway with the wind if they feel it helps them get re-elected. Anti firework groups such as The Firework Campaign print untruths about fireworks to further their aims. Nearly all firework complaints come from dog owners. Why should a small but vociferous minority be allowed to dictate the lifestyle of the rest of us?

We need this in our area, many shared gardens near us and residents get together and put on big displays that should not be allowed in residential area. When one stops the next begins. Upsets our dog but also affects local wildlife. Have not seen any hedgehogs for last couple years, I worry bonfires have not helped their numbers.

People should be consulted more

Current laws are sufficient and just require enforcement

Yes! Limit to areas of public event spaces only. No use in built up residential areas or where there are lots of fields with livestock in close proximity

In areas where care homes( particularly supporting those with dementia, PTSD, learning disabilities) livestock, kennels, Cattery’s, stables and vet clinics are then this is totally appropriate and necessary. This would help to alleviate the stress caused to them and those that provide care to them

It would help people plan to avoid areas

Agree. It gives people control over their lives

There are more people affected adversely by fireworks than fill in petitions or write to their council.

Having firework control zones not only brings our communities together to experience something enjoyable but is also run by people who know what they are doing and for those who do not like them or have animals that can die from them to be elsewhere that one night. It also stops people in gardens putting them off unsafely all night and for several days before and after. No one wants to spoil fun but when it's something dangerous it needs to be safe.

it will never work. Who the hell thinks these daft things up ??

Zones are a good idea but there has to be a risk assessment to ensure the zone is in an appropriate area

who would police this? councils are cutting back on everything don't think they would have the resources for that

It would be a step in the right direction, but I can’t think of any areas where fireworks would not cause distress to either households or wildlife.

It'll stop the random part of fireworks, ie: any time, anywhere.

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