Local councils creating 'firework control zones.'

Local councils creating 'firework control zones.'

The Bill would give local councils powers to create zones where fireworks can’t be used: "firework control zones: Before making a place as firework control zone (or amending or revoking a zone) a local council would need to publish a proposal about the zone, including the reasons for the zone and its boundaries. The council would also need to consult the local community. If you agree with this proposal, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


I would like to see at least some firework free zones, as this gives people options to escape the noise.

animals, the elderly, war heroes, and many other groups are terrified by the onslaught of fireworks for many nights over bonfire night, diwali, new year and many other times during the year. Animals die, yes die, pets have heart attacks from fear, cattle give birth prematurely. Please , please consider the reduction in firework use.

Having safe places, where there's no fireworks would be amazing. Not everyone likes them, humans as well as animals. Why should people, like myself, who are scared of them have to suffer??? Why should all the animals suffer??? I don't see the equality.

If there was an area where people could go to to escape the fireworks, this would make a huge difference. Not to sit in a lay by in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold with your pets in the car for hours on end would be nice.

Fireworks should not be used near livestock, kennels, stables etc. Zones are a good idea as Defra refuse to give a guide as to legal distance fireworks can be used near animals.

Making fireworks predictable allows people who have distress from the to manage and still allows fireworks to happen. Its a good compromise.

There are to many people and animals getting hurt and scared with Fireworks. Every year many dogs suffer for days aD some times weeks due to fireworks. Have seen and know of horses and lifestock that have also been hurt

Should be banned around residential areas. Was like a war zone last November 5th near me. Just loads of bangers going off. Sounded like bombs. Obviously to scare/intimidate people. Keep them for public displays.

So if you are not allowed to set off fireworks at home, many will decide to set them off in a public space..so they can’t be identified..which is exactly what you don’t want!

More expense for councils already struggling with ever decreasing budgets.

It's desirable to have exclusion zones around hospitals, care homes, veterinary services, veteran residences, kennels, cattery & stables. Official organised displays would be ideal.

NIMBY springs to mind, what right do you have to prohibit one area and not another - ok in Govan but not in Newton Means

There is no need to create zones; existing legislation already offers sufficient protection to those who might need it, i.e. farms and so on.

Why should animals suffer?

It needs to be controlled

the current laws already cover this

I agree with the comments below 100%

Too difficult to enforce and just skirts around the issue. Outright ban for personal and public use unless by a licensed person fir events and restricted dates only

The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents summed this up nicely when they stated "It is a minefield that does not need to be created."

Julie Doorne "Fireworks should not be used near livestock, kennels, stables etc. Zones are a good idea as Defra refuse to give a guide as to legal distance fireworks can be used near animals." Protection of animals is already given by the Animal welfare Act. Enforce that before bringing in more burdensome regulation.

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