Give police powers to stop, search & seize certain fireworks

Give police powers to stop, search & seize certain fireworks

The Bill would give police more powers to stop and search people and seize CAT F2 and F3 fireworks. If a police constable had reasonable grounds for suspecting that a person has committed or is committing an offence, the constable may— (a) search that person without warrant, and detain the person for such time as is reasonably required to permit the search to be carried out, (b) stop and search a vehicle (and anything on or in it) without warrant, (c) seize and retain any item found in the course of a search which may be relevant to the suspected offence. If you agree with this proposal, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below. Image Credit: Douglas Sinclair, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


"If a police constable had reasonable grounds for suspecting that a person has committed or is committing an offence, the constable may", so what is the offence, possession of fireworks? Is the plan to have police at the border with England randomly stopping cars! Seriously!

Anonymous User "In the last year it appears that industrial strength fireworks are in the hands of the public. The more power to stop these being circulated would be welcome" I have no idea what an 'industrial strength' firework is. The law on what may be sold has not changed for many years so you must be witnessing illegal fireworks. A ban or restriction will only see this situation get far worse.

jul "They should be illegal as far too dangerous" For every one NHS admission from firework injuries there are 60 from dog attacks. Should dogs be made illegal using your argument?

Not a fan of stop and search as it can be bias against certain groups, but if there is genuine cause to suspect a person has dangerous items and have potential for malignant intent then yes.

This is the key the police already have great power. They just need to enforce it and not stop law abiding people (the majority) enjoying and buying fireworks.

I agree with this point, but feel the police are an easy target and could get fireworks thrown at them. I do however feel that if there is such a deterrent it is one step forward in making streets safer.

great idea but do the police have the time and manpower to enforce the current regulations?

This is needed to stop under age

Don't want to give the police more excuses to throw their weight around. Stop and search always leads to racial profiling. Think the police should respond to leads and investigate reports rather than waste time with random stops.

Police should never have unwarranted stop and search powers.

Perfectly reasonable

Any possession of fireworks by members of the public should be outlawed

It allows the police to enforce the legislation

More restrictions on fireworks, the better. They are animal abuse.

The are an explosive device whice is reported how many times being used aa a weopon and so should be treated as one! Totally agree.

Too much power in an already corrupt system.

Current laws are fine, the police just need to enforce them better.

there are so many people who think it is a laugh to throw fireworks at people/animals so if they suspect someone is carrying these with that intent then it is a good idea.

Danger of death or injury is only a small part of the problem with fireworks, flares etc. Main issue for many is noise, which happens many nights (or daylight hours) and totally unpredictable. Uk didn’t have a ‘tradition” of setting off huge noisy disruptive fireworks 52 wks a year. Used to be a tradition of public/small private displays on 5 Nov. Then 1 Jan was added. Then other cultures added their dates. Too much noise now, can’t predict when sleep + animals, babies etc will be disturbed.

If they have reasonable grounds for suspecting this, they should be able to stop and search. I have nothing against organised displays, just random numpties not caring for how others feel.

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