Give police powers to stop, search & seize certain fireworks

Give police powers to stop, search & seize certain fireworks

The Bill would give police more powers to stop and search people and seize CAT F2 and F3 fireworks. If a police constable had reasonable grounds for suspecting that a person has committed or is committing an offence, the constable may— (a) search that person without warrant, and detain the person for such time as is reasonably required to permit the search to be carried out, (b) stop and search a vehicle (and anything on or in it) without warrant, (c) seize and retain any item found in the course of a search which may be relevant to the suspected offence. If you agree with this proposal, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below. Image Credit: Douglas Sinclair, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


Only if this is not abused and used as an excuse to stop and interfere with folk going about their own business.

It is an obvious necessity of making the purchase or possession of fireworks or pyrotechnics the subject of a licence

As long as there is sufficient reason to suspect that fireworks are being carried illegally, indiscriminate stop and search is not ok either.

Law isn't much use without effective enforcement.

No point having legislation if it's not enforceable

I don't like indiscrimate stop and search powers

I'm almost certain they already have this power, but also, it's a slippery slope with a blanket wording like this.

Julie Doorne "There is no need to be walking around with explosives in your pocket." Modern fireworks simply do not fit in pockets. 'Nuisance' fireworks such as bangers and air bombs (which did fit in pockets) have long since been banned. You people will never be happy until you suck all the fun and enjoyment out of life for everyone else.

Yes. Fireworks are weapons just like knives, guns, baseball bats etc. if fireworks were restricted to organised events (ideally on very restricted number of days a year) there’d be no reason for people to have them unless for illegal use. Too many get set off in the street, either to make noise, or aim at other people, but realistically, by time police arrive, every one has run off.

Fireworks are frequently used for anti. Social behaviour and to attack emergency services when they are trying to do their jobs. It is entirely reasonable for the police to be able to stop and search where this type of firework misuse is suspected

Basic requirement against any type of criminal activity.

I’m in two minds about this! I agree with it if the police can be trusted to fulfil their duties sensibly in this respect but I’m concerned that it could become an excuse rather than a reason to stop and search. (My apologies to those police who would use this power responsibly, and I’m sure there are a great many.) On the face of it, it is sensible that police have the powers they need to enforce the law. Surely they already have the power to s & s if they think a crime has been committed?

I think it has to go beyond basic stop and search and there needs to be a clearer idea of exactly what other powers, including stop and search, the police are going to be given to tackle this. So, for example, if you are going down the route of licensed public displays only and the police find an unlicensed display taking place using black market fireworks are they going to shut it down? How will they do that? Who will be held responsible? Needs a lot more detail of all the powers they need.

I agree with this otherwise you won't deter people from trying to illegally use fireworks. This has to be policed and police given the appropriate powers to stop this continuous abuse of fireworks.

Not needed to enjoy or celebrate the event and bad for local animals, people and the environment.

I agree because there is a need to catch stupid people about to do stupid things but there does need to be a balance and I am worried about controls on police behaviour

Absolutely right. It is to protect the law and people isn't it?

Quite simply, fireworks are as dangerous as knives or other weapons. The hands of the police should not be tied in enforcing the law

A law without suitable enforcement measures is useless.

It seems to give police powers to stop and search almost everyone.

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