Should the proposed law go further?

Should the proposed law go further?

Do you think the proposed law should go further? For example, banning the general public from buying or using all CAT F2 and CAT F3 fireworks? If you agree that the proposed law should go further, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


I think fireworks cause pollution, injury and death. If they were invented they would never get to the shops.

If they don’t ban them all together then public shouldnt be allowed to buy them only for organised display

Yes definitely.

Sale to general public should be banned

It will promote home made fireworks and dangerous imported fireworks which is what happened in Europe this winter result was 2 deaths which haven't been a problem before

Current laws are sufficient and just require enforcement

Gemrany banned the use of fireworks at New Year for safety person died. Netherlands did the same, again someone died. There has not been a consumer firework related death in the UK in over 20 years....ScotGov will soon put an end to that safety record!

The current law is sufficient. It would be good to encourage manufacturers to make quieter fireworks but to effectively ban them is a massive over reaction.

If there were to be dates on when people could but fireworks; some people may try to obtain fireworks illegally and then you’ll find that the people who misuse them suddenly have a lot louder and more lethal fireworks. Besides nobody wants to find out that their neighbour is manufacturing fireworks because if they did they would be evacuated. At least let’s hope that’s how they find out…

This is what banning fireworks looks like in Hawaii

1. A dog's bark can reach 110dB - louder than the majority of fireworks sold in the UK. Most local authorities receive hundreds of noise complaints about dogs each year for every one or two about firework noise. 2. Fear of dogs or Cynophobia affects 8% of the UK population and thousands of people suffer PTSD from dog attacks, especially children. In some, the fear is so great that they suffer anxiety and panic attacks that leave them housebound. 3, In environmental terms, a medium-size dog ca

The nations dogs are more deadly due to bites and disease from faeces more of a noise nuisance (many more complains about dogs than fireworks) and contribute more to environmental damage from CO2. Firework CO2 output 160 tonnes/annum. (DEFRA/NAEE) Dogs 9,000,000 tonnes/annum.

There is no control as to where those fireworks are set off.

Random explosions cause massive problems for those with PTSD, not to mention anxious people and animals

Has anybody mentioned the negative environmental impact fireworks have? At a time where we’re concerned with what we pump into the atmosphere surely banning fireworks which spew chemicals out is a no brainier 🤔

Yes ban to the public the issues would be how to you stop people buying them online from goodness knows where or what they are like

definitely - some people don't realise how dangerous these incendiary devices are

Julie Doorne "I think fireworks cause pollution, injury and death. If they were invented they would never get to the shops." If anyone wishes to read a twisted, dishonest article about firework pollution then read The Firework Campaigns article. They imply that heavy metals in fireworks lead to climate change. Everyone else leans towards the view that it's greenhouse gasses. You can't 'think' fireworks cause death either they do or they don't. No firework deaths in the UK this century.

All fireworks should be banned to the general public

Misuse of fireworks are on the increase

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