Should the proposed law go further?

Should the proposed law go further?

Do you think the proposed law should go further? For example, banning the general public from buying or using all CAT F2 and CAT F3 fireworks? If you agree that the proposed law should go further, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


I think fireworks cause pollution, injury and death. If they were invented they would never get to the shops.

If they don’t ban them all together then public shouldnt be allowed to buy them only for organised display

Yes definitely.

Sale to general public should be banned

It will promote home made fireworks and dangerous imported fireworks which is what happened in Europe this winter result was 2 deaths which haven't been a problem before

Gemrany banned the use of fireworks at New Year for safety person died. Netherlands did the same, again someone died. There has not been a consumer firework related death in the UK in over 20 years....ScotGov will soon put an end to that safety record!

The current law is sufficient. It would be good to encourage manufacturers to make quieter fireworks but to effectively ban them is a massive over reaction.

1. A dog's bark can reach 110dB - louder than the majority of fireworks sold in the UK. Most local authorities receive hundreds of noise complaints about dogs each year for every one or two about firework noise. 2. Fear of dogs or Cynophobia affects 8% of the UK population and thousands of people suffer PTSD from dog attacks, especially children. In some, the fear is so great that they suffer anxiety and panic attacks that leave them housebound. 3, In environmental terms, a medium-size dog ca

The nations dogs are more deadly due to bites and disease from faeces more of a noise nuisance (many more complains about dogs than fireworks) and contribute more to environmental damage from CO2. Firework CO2 output 160 tonnes/annum. (DEFRA/NAEE) Dogs 9,000,000 tonnes/annum.

There is no control as to where those fireworks are set off.

Random explosions cause massive problems for those with PTSD, not to mention anxious people and animals

Has anybody mentioned the negative environmental impact fireworks have? At a time where we’re concerned with what we pump into the atmosphere surely banning fireworks which spew chemicals out is a no brainier 🤔

Yes ban to the public the issues would be how to you stop people buying them online from goodness knows where or what they are like

definitely - some people don't realise how dangerous these incendiary devices are

Julie Doorne "I think fireworks cause pollution, injury and death. If they were invented they would never get to the shops." If anyone wishes to read a twisted, dishonest article about firework pollution then read The Firework Campaigns article. They imply that heavy metals in fireworks lead to climate change. Everyone else leans towards the view that it's greenhouse gasses. You can't 'think' fireworks cause death either they do or they don't. No firework deaths in the UK this century.

All fireworks should be banned to the general public

Misuse of fireworks are on the increase

There will always be some who would want to try and get away it

They are incendiaries; too dangerous, too noisy, causing injury, death, trauma, massive animal welfare issues, as well as tormenting and traumatising vulnerable humans. Not safe for general public to buy or use.

I would be happy to see all fireworks banned outside of planned events, with only licensed people allowed to set them off. This would at least make it easier for people with health issues such as PTSD to prepare for the event rather than never knowing when fireworks will go off

Fireworks are hugely toxic, damaging human cells and animal lungs. When the debris is consumed by water birds and fish, it's deadly to them as well (and what's worse is some of these chemicals are tested on living animal's lungs - this is not on in 2022. They are terrifying to animals (wild and domestic) causing some animals to leave and never return to their young, we could use light or water displays to music without having fireworks as shown in some creative and spectacular displays. Thanks

I honestly believe fireworks i.e. explosives should be licensed, and only those who carry a license should be allowed to buy/use them. If the general public want to see fireworks there are public displays. I appreciate there are religious exceptions which could be worked into the license process, but anyone using fireworks should have to prove they understand the safety aspects.

STOP meddling with our traditions. ENFORCE the law against those who would do harm to others with the misuse of fireworks. STOP making law abiding citizens the guilty party.

The use of fireworks should be banned

Is it not possible to put some legislation around noise level of fireworks. I believe you can get fireworks that don't make bangs anymore.. this would take most of the issues away for alot of people.

I love firework displays, preferably far away from houses. But fireworks sold to the public are set off for days before and after 5th Nov and because of the very loud noise frighten many dogs, and stop people going out because they have to leave their animals. Why do fireworks have to be so loud? It is quite unnecessary and is the main reason for my objection. If noisy ones could be banned I'd be happy with other ones being sold to the public.

Unrestricted fireworks are not only dangerous to those using them, they also cause severe distress to animals and autistic people, and are disruptive to families with small children. Ban public use and access to fireworks completely, and limit licenced organised events to specific days and times.

There is no reason for members of the public to have explosive material in their homes. You can't have a gun without a license so why should you have fireworks without a license. They cause soo much stress to animals for no good reason. Organised and licensed fireworks displays in certain areas that don't disturb the public and/or animals only.

I believe the law should go much further by making ONLY silent fireworks legal in Scotland. All other fireworks should be illegal, whether commercial or otherwise. Silent fireworks would resolve all other's the only sensible option.

All fireworks should be banned from sale to the public and only sold to licensed organisations who put on organised displays in a strictly controlled environment on a few specific dates of the year.

Yes, totally agree. No pyro should be sold to the public. It should be for organised displays only.

I have no objection to the use of fireworks on designated dates and times. I will take appropriate measure to shield my animals when I know fireworks will be used. However the current situation where it seems any night from hallowe’en to January 1st is fair game to set off the fireworks to show the neighbours you can make the biggest bangs is impossible to cope with

Yes. Dangerous explosives should not be on sale to the public.

Shouldn’t be allowed in residential areas only public displays. Going off now at all times of the year.

ban the use of any fireworks other than silent ones used at public organised displays and heavily fine any one who chooses to break this rule

I don’t think the general public should be able to buy fireworks. They’re dangerous and unnecessary.

I love fireworks but don’t agree with the public being able to purchase and use them. I feel they should only be allowed at organised displays. This would help cut the distress that all animals go through. I also feel they should be banned at new year to once a year is enough

Official displays only

Limit the use of fireworks to only organized events

Agree the bill should go further and ban fireworks to the public. Organised displays only on specific days.

Banning the sale of fireworks to the general public would reduce the number of injuries to people, antisocial behaviour and have a positive impact on animals by reducing stress caused by loud, unexpected noises.

All fireworks should be banned from use by anyone. They are far too harmful/abusive towards animals. Why sacrifice the safety of animals just for some cheap entertainment?

They cause distress to pets, livestock and wild animals. They can be distressing to many people including young children, those with sensory processing disorders, refugees & exmilitary etc with ptsd. Terrorists&criminals can&do use them as weapons against police. People let them off too close to buildings, trees fences, spectators etc. They pollute the air, bad for those with respiratory illness, & rocket sticks & other falling debris create litter which can damage property & harm animals.


Fireworks should not be on sale to any members of the public. Only organised licensed displays.

This makes complete sense - restricted events organised by professionals where people can enjoy fireworks safely and local residents can plan ahead to help those with PTSD / dementia or their animals to cope.

I think everything should be done to prevent pu lic sales of fireworks. The damage these to firstky to emergency services and the public is beyond out of control. The damage this does to animals is irreversible when the pubkicncontinue to misuse these. They are explosives and a danger to life and when seeing used in riots and as weapons towards emergency servives, we should be doing everything possible to prevent this!

Yes stop general sale and make it only from dedicated stores

Fireworks are dangerous and cause distress to pets and wildlife

All fireworks should be banned from the general public.

I would totally agree to a ban on the public sale.

Just ban completely except for official public displays

The general public should neither be allowed to buy or use fireworks. If they are used at any time it should only be licenced people at strictly controlled venues.

Fireworks are being let off weeks before and after Bonfire Night , causing unnecessary stress to animals and their owners . Noise caused to surrounding area is no good to those of a nervous disposition plus potential injuries from young people lighting indiscriminately

I don’t think random use of fireworks by individual members of the public is appropriate any more

Too many people set them off at inappropriate times and they can be a fire hazzard

Ban all fireworks unless an organised display

They should be banned to the general public.

Most fireworks now are too loud and something needs to be done to restrict these from general sale

Fireworks should only be available to insured, licensed professionals.

Legislate against, or place a humungous tax, on fireworks designed to make gratuitous noise

Should go further. Restrict use to organised events with licenced and trained operatives. Duty to warn people in area. No noise fireworks. Essentially do everything possible to make safe and not distressing.

They should only be able for organised events. You shouldn’t be able to go to the supermarket to get them. They are explosives after all

There is no need for the public to be able to buy display grade fireworks. It is dangerous and distressing for people in the local area.

Total ban on the noise ! Silent fireworks is enough to keep the dim witted happy

Personally an outright ban, except for organised displays, would be my preferred option, but I think that an interim measure should be given a chance. There are many who use fireworks responsibly and I think that they should be given the opportunity to continue to do so. The main thing is keeping fireworks away from youths and children, who are the main cause of antisocial behaviour where fireworks are concerned.

I think fireworks are dangerous both to humans and particularly animals, although I agree they are lovely to see, but we need to restrict their use

I just think it's time to ban them completely! It's an outdated celebration. Guy Fawkes trying to blow up the houses of parliament, should have let him succeed as far as I'm concerned! They are noisy, frightening (to many people) animals are terrified. It is time to stop, too many idiots are able to get their hands on them, setting them off at all hours!!!

I’d prefer public/organised displays with properly trained and fully licensed staff which take place at limited intervals during the year and which have to consult fully with the community they are likely to impact on. I think COVID has shown just how selfish and irresponsible a good chunk of Joe Public are, and fireworks are no different. People let them off at all times of year, day and night, without a care for other people or for animals. Restricting displays is enforceable too.

All fireworks should be banned from sale to general public

Firework cause fear and injury to animals and humans every year.

I personally think fireworks should be at regulated and organised displays. Fireworks are clearly very dangerous and when in the wrong hands are a recipe for disaster. If fireworks just take place at organised displays then people and animals who really suffer when fireworks are going off can make arrangements to go somewhere away from where the display is taking place. People being able to have their own personal displays means the fireworks and can go on for weeks causing suffering

all fireworks should only be available for licensed events

Strict controls on who an buy and where and when.

Irresponsible behaviour

Fireworks are going off for weeks prior to and after Bonfire night, are a danger in the wrong hands (being that it's mainly kids in the streets setting them off) and cause distress to large numbers of household pets and farm animals, and also cause litter. It's time the sale of fireworks to general public was stopped altogether and large displays were setup in safer locations that people could buy tickets for. For people that want to see fireworks on Bonfire Night etc.

Ban sale of foreworks to everyone. Organised displays only

I agree the public should not be allowed access to fireworks. They should be limited to properly licenced opertors conducting organised displays only. Or even ban them totally because of the polution they cause, both environmental and noise.

Absolutely any dangerous explsive or inflammable device should be controlled. The general public are not trained to use these things.

Fireworks, especially very loud fireworks are harmful to domestic and wild animals, people with mental health problems such as PTSD, and generally disturbing to the majority of the community. Loud fireworks should be banned altogether

All public sales should be banned

Banning the use of fireworks other than at organised events is the only real way to reduce the harmful effects of their use.

Fireworks are dangeous in the wrong hands.

All fireworks should be banned from sale to the general public and sold only to licensed users

Cat F2 Fireworks, if only available and legal to use at particular times of the year (Nov 5th, Dec 31st, events like Jubilee) by over 18s would not be a significant threat. Need to balance safety etc with individual rights. CAT F3 should not be generally available.

The use of fireworks should be banned

The use of fireworks should be banned

All firework sales should be banned except to trained, approved and licensed professional display organisers

Fireworks are so dangerous in the wrong hands and can severely hurt or kill other people and animals so I think this is a good idea

Total ban.

Fireworks are so powerful, loud and dangerous now and as long as public are able to buy they will find their way into the hands of children or young adults intent in using them inappropriately - thus being a danger to themselves and others.

The use of fireworks is likely to be highly stressful to many forms of wildlife (& domesticated animals). Our wildlife is already under unprecedented pressure due to human activity, environmental degradation and climate change.

The random use of fireworks presents and ongoing spocial problem, particularly in built-up areas.

The general public should not have free access to fireworks. They should only be permitted at properly organised events.

All fireworks should be banned from sale to the general public and sold only to those who hold a licence. That licence should also be of a reasonable amount, say £50-£100.

The use of these items (weapons) should be limited to qualified personnel.

Fireworks are no longer used responsibly, or with consideration for wildlife, pets, people who are scared by the noise and explosions. Near my home, people illegally set them off in back gardens, the street, in fields without any care. Ban firework sales to any member of the training is whitewash and who's going to enforce "proper" sales and useage?

I disagree as fireworks provide beauty snd awe to families all over and have done for centuries. The problems associated are very minimal with most people using safely according to gov stats.

fireworks should be banned. Not only are they expensive but they seem to be unnecessary loud. As have been said they are bad for the environment, people and animals. Could make manufacturers remove the 'bang' and just have the display.

I also agree that all fireworks should be banned from sale to the general public and only sold to licensed organisations

Fireworks are dangerous and disturbing and should only be available in controlled circumstances and bu people vetted for their suitability as responsible adults

I think the general public should be banned from buying and using fireworks

The general public should not have access to any fireworks at any time of the year. It is totally unnecessary. If you want to see them go to a public display.

The use of fireworks are now used at all events and are far too widespread causing stress and damage to all kinds of animals (and that includes us!) I would like to see a total ban on firework sales unless to organised and licensed events.

Some people argue that if fireworks are banned it will create an illegal market which will be difficult if not impossible to control, and they reference alcohol prohibition in the USA decades ago and the current drugs trade. The difference here is that intoxicants are predominantly used in private whereas there is nothing private about fireworks, it thus becomes easy for the police, if they were resourced sufficiently, to track down and issue on the spot fines to offenders.

General public should not be able to buy or use fireworks. And others should only be allowed to use silent fireworks

it needs to change

Fireworks should be silent, or much less noisy, and only used by licenced events/individuals. There is no need for them to sound like being in the middle of a war zone. Fireworks should not be sold in supermarkets.

The use of larger fireworks should be restricted to professionally trained and licenced personnel, in managed circumstances.

fireworks are a social and environmental hazard and should only be available to professionals hosting organised and licensed displays. See Australia's laws on fireworks as an example. The law should also require the use of silent fireworks to reduce the stress of people and animals living near the displays. It is the noise that upsets most people not the flashes of colour.

should go much further- previously licenced operators only- who can prove training, -operating displays away from residential and animal husbandry and similar areas

much further- shold only sell to professional display organisers

common sense and safety sense does not occur in all members of the public

It would reduce nuisance from very loud fireworks, help animal owners manage the times when fireworks are frequently let off, and reduce the number of injuries and fire issues caused by fireworks in domestic settings.

The law should go further by restricting fireworks to certain parks and banning them for private use. We have already made millions of species extinct, let's start considering all the wild creatures on the planet and stop being so selfish.

Only selling fireworks to those licensed and consider safe to use them is far enough at this stage.

All categories of fireworks are dangerous in the wrong hands. As such must be limited to controlled organised events, carried out by fully trained people in handling, storing, setting up and running displays - including risk assessment, arranging 1st aiders and marshals

I would prefer noiseless pyrotechnics as in some European countries. However occasional organised events with fireworks such as Edinburgh Festival Fireworks Concert would be ok.There is no place at all for the hugely noisy fireworks that sound like bombs going off and that are cubes packed full of sticks of explosive. These are terrifying for animals and must be re-traumatising for veterans with PTSD

It will hopefully reduce antisocial behaviour and the negative impact that occurs to wildlife

I believe it should go further. For example: Ban the use of fireworks by the general public. Only permit silent fireworks at public displays.

Too dangerous and open to abuse if freely available to the public

All fireworks ought to be banned from sale to the general public and only to licensed organisations and religious groups. It is like WW3 around here on 5 November with dogs petrified. Often private firework displays go on beyond midnight.

Yes, It causes large amounts of distress to animals while not being save in general

Fireworks are too dangerous to be in the hands of the general public, endangers lives of emergency services not to mention the litter caused when they aren't cleared up.

All fireworks should be banned for obvious reasons.

It will help stop antisocial behaviour.

fireworks are so dangerous & in the extreme anti social, that there use should be limited to organised events only

All fireworks should be banned from sale to the general public and only sold to licensed organisations/events. Ideally we'd switch to noiseless fireworks for all year round celebrations and only keep noisy fireworks for specific traditions such as fireworks night/new years.

Fireworks, in the wrong hands, are weapons which cause injury, sometimes severe and great stress in animals and people. There have been cases of fireworks causing death. Too many irresponsible people buy fireworks just to cause the situations I have outlined. Organised displays are the safest way for those who enjoy fireworks but the manufacturers should reduce the loudness of the bangs, a major factor in reducing stress caused to animals.

Fireworks are dangerous explosives and in the wrong hands are lethal. They also cause proven distress to pets and wildlife. They should be limited to displays only on bonfire night or one other suitable day of the year.

Anonymous User "Fireworks are hugely toxic, damaging human cells and animal lungs. When the debris is consumed by water birds and fish, it's deadly to them as well" This is typical of the nonsense propagated by Facebook. There is absolutely no evidence that firework debris is in any way toxic or that a single animal or fish has been harmed in the way claimed. Authors of such fantasy ought to be made to provide evidence of such fanciful claims. Posted by a fireworks designer/manufacturer.

Anything at all even a fork can be a weapon in the wrong hands fireworks have been enjoyed by families and folk forever and is a tradition like christmas ,easter,etc and fireworks display at home or friends home can be a safe and enjoyable get together on what is a cold and dark evening creating friendships and bonds that can last a life time so why punish those that behave or shall we ban all freedoms ban fireworks and fires ban chrstmas as it offends some ban smoking ban drinking

There is no valid way of using fireworks responsibly, when the noise carries for miles. Enjoyment by a few can’t justify causing distress to others. Fireworks should only be used at organised displays

Fireworks are dangerous and policing who can buy them and use them is becoming too complicated to be effective. A ban on shops selling them to the general public can only improve the safety and well being of many people and animals.

Fireworks are bad for the environment and damaging to animals, both domestic and wild.

Anonymous User "Fireworks are dangerous and policing who can buy them and use them is becoming too complicated to be effective. A ban on shops selling them to the general public can only improve the safety and well being of many people and animals." How can it become too complicated? The current law has not changed for 15 years. The rules are simple. Over 18? you can't buy fireworks.

Fireworks cause great distress to many people and animals and more the powerful they are, the worse the effect and the further the noise travels. There is no way to use the more powerful fireworks responsibly, except at organised displays.

If people had stuck to sensible firework use (one day a year, small firework) we’d not need all this. Abuse re power of fireworks, window-rattling noise, frequent, random and unpredictable setting off (I mean, does a wedding need fireworks?) and use of fireworks as weapons are unacceptable Sadly people won’t change so the law needs to step in.

just enforce the current regulations and don't try to stop law abiding people enjoying themselves legally.

Anonymous User "The fewer people that can use fireworks the better. Many still do not understand just how dangerous the more powerful fireworks are." The evidence suggests you are incorrect. 100 million fireworks sold annually. 160 hospitalisations from firework injuries. 12 million dogs in the UK 7,000 hospitalisations after being savaged.

All fireworks should be banned from sale to the general public because they are lethal weapons and they frighten animals and people with mental health issues.They should only sold to licensed organisations.I believe that lasers and drones are the future of `celebrating`

Anonymous User "Fireworks are dangerous and policing who can buy them and use them is becoming too complicated to be effective. A ban on shops selling them to the general public can only improve the safety and well being of many people and animals." Germany and the Netherlands both banned fireworks over the New Year yet there were two deaths from firework use. If you stop legal, fireworks you end up with untested, potentially dangerous fireworks with Polish instructions. Learn from this.

The distress this causes not only domestic animals but wildlife is outrageous. Every year on bonfire night and hogmanay I have to sit in a rural service station or side of a rural road with my sound averse dog whose stress levels go through the roof. I think the bill could be enhanced further by restricting specific times fireworks can be used if they are still permitted.

Albert Einstein once said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". Firework ban in Hawaii-more fireworks than ever but unregulated. Bans in S. Ireland. Doesn't work. Bans in the Netherlands and Germany over New Year-2 deaths. Go ahead Scottish Government ban fireworks then we can all laugh at you and say "we told you so".

Anonymous User "Nothing but a total ban the public should not be allowed to buy and use explosives. I don’t see how on any other situation this would be viewed as acceptable!!" This anonymous user would ban your Christmas crackers and party poppers. They are explosives!!

Yes!! It’s beyond time to restrict the sale and access of explosives to the general public. Most do no harm intentionally but too many do. There’s also the ignorance or lack of consideration to any animals that may be in close proximity to a private display that get injured or killed by irresponsible placing or general lack of care to how they react to the loud bangs and fizzes. These are dangerous items that cause serious harm and can lead to death when not handled correctly.

Fireworks should only be available for licensed displays, not to the general public

Silent fireworks should be available for organised displays only and these displays need to be strictly controlled. Fireworks are essentially weapons so should not be available for sale to the general public who have proved that they do not use them safely or carefully. Why should others (people and animals) be subject to fear and terror - the current system is SO wrong.

I think it would be better if fireworks were only at public displays. This way the organisers could provide evidence to show that they had disturbed wildlife, pets and people as little as possible. Sometimes fireworks are still be being set off weeks after bonfire night and new years day at unsociable hours. This would also avoid accidents and prevent members of the public setting off fireworks in dangerous places such as bus stations.

Fireworks should only be available to officially organised events

Honestly i think people are extremely irresponsible these days and couldnt care less for the ssafety of others so perhaps YES organised shows ONLY. You cannot stop firworks getting into the hands of idiots. A lot of unthinkable damage can be done to innocent animals with the simplest of fireworks.

Nothing but a total ban the public should not be allowed to buy and use explosives. I don’t see how on any other situation this would be viewed as acceptable!!

Roibeard Daithi "Total ban on the noise ! Silent fireworks is enough to keep the dim witted happy" Anyone who is not a dimwit ought to know that there is no such thing as a silent firework. All fireworks make some noise.

winschild "Absolutely any dangerous explsive or inflammable device should be controlled. The general public are not trained to use these things" Fireworks are classed as explosives and as such are already subject to the most stringent regulations on age of purchase, permitted noise level, storage, transport and sale. It may be a surprise to you but each firework comes with complete instructions on it's safe use. 100 million fireworks are sold in the UK each year with very few problems.

NorrieA "All categories of fireworks are dangerous in the wrong hands. As such must be limited to controlled organised events, carried out by fully trained people in handling, storing, setting up and running displays - including risk assessment, arranging 1st aiders and marshals" All categories? Does this include category F1 sparklers, party poppers and Christmas crackers?

If fireworks are only available to councils and organsations, its safer for people and animals but also helps build community spirit.

Sheilabe123 "General public should not be able to buy or use fireworks. And others should only be allowed to use silent fireworks" This is the sort of nonsense we hear repeatedly when Facebook is used as a source of information. There is no such thing as a silent firework.

Anonymous User "fireworks are so dangerous & in the extreme anti social, that there use should be limited to organised events only" So dangerous and yet so few injuries that the Government no longer keep statistics. Compared to the carnage dogs inflict on people and other animals perhaps we should ban dogs as a priority.

LearnTribe "Unrestricted fireworks are not only dangerous to those using them, they also cause severe distress to animals and autistic people." The facts do not support your claim. 100 million fireworks used annually with very few injuries. Yet another one suffering from autism 'by proxy'.

Anonymous User "Banning the sale of fireworks to the general public would reduce the number of injuries to people. I would argue the opposite would be true, due to an influx of illegal fireworks but is that a reason to call for a ban?. If you think it is then by logical extension you must also call for a ban on all public ownership of dogs due to the far greater numbers of injuries they inflict on people.

grapey "Yes. Dangerous explosives should not be on sale to the public." I totally agree. Fortunately fireworks are thoroughly tested and come with simple to follow instructions for their safe use.

I would not mind if fireworks were banned completely except for formal displays.

I feel that all fireworks should be restricted to organised events to limit the disturbance and distress endured by many members of the public, pets and wildlife.

Michelle "Is it not possible to put some legislation around noise level of fireworks." Yes it is. There is a noise limit of 120dB already in place for catF2 and F3.

There is nothing in the proposed bill that will stop those who wish to cause trouble from doing so. Even going further and introducing an outright ban will not stop the trouble makers.

All firework sales to the general public should be banned

I live in a small coastal town. Fireworks and bonfire are organised by a commitee. Starts with a torchlight parade down to seafront where bonfire is lit and fireworks set off. There are stalls and entertainment , public are kept well away from danger and are invited to donate funding for the next year. That way people who enjoy these diplays can and those who dont can stay at home safely. Fireworks should be sold directly to council or commitees. No sale to public except maybe sparklers.

Fireworks are dangerous and even lethal in the wrong hands. Therefore, they should only be sold to those who hold a licence to do so.

I would approve a ban on the sale and use of fireworks to/by the general public because of the distress this causes to pets, wildlife and sensitive people. Whilst I would endorse many of the other measures suggested, the actual policing and enforcement of these restrictions would present many difficulties and would incur significant costs.

The general public should not be able to purchase or let off fireworks. I would like them banned altogether, but a compromise could be organised displays on 5th November and New Years Eve only.

Ban them! Or only allow silent ones. Stop pussyfooting about and just ban them. The vast majority of people want them banned! Lead the way.

Fireworks should be banned for the general public, only licensed organisations should be allowed, but should have to apply for each event, and have to pay a fee, they should also only be allowed to use silent fireworks, and should have safety training beforehand.

All 4 respondents agreed with this statement. One of the respondents raised the issue of the impact of fireworks on those who experience flashbacks due to prior experience of explosions or conflict, highlighting that the strength of some of the modern fireworks can trigger flashbacks. (RNIB Session 23rd February)

They then questioned the potency of fireworks allowed to be manufactured and stressed how the apparent increase in their noise and vibration over the last few decades has a greater impact on people, inducing shock and alarm, as if an attack is in progress. Another respondent raised the issue of considering the manufacture of both UK and imported fireworks. (RNIB Session 23rd February)

The importance of educating the public about the impact of using fireworks was also stressed, as respondents considered that many people using them don’t realise the impact it has on people, animals and livestock. Overall, all the respondents thought the law was not going far enough in regulating the use of fireworks. A reference was made to the absence of provisions to publicising its use or consulting the neighbours prior to using it. (RNIB Session 23rd February)

Expressed by 6 of the participants who felt there was no necessity for fireworks in this day and age due to the difficult effects this can have on people and animals. One member who lived through WW2 stated that he hates November the 5th and the weeks surrounding it as it brings back some traumatic memories for him. This was a theme of a few of the members who had experienced a conflict and it has a major effect on their PTSD. (Erskine Session 3rd March)

One member reported that when fireworks are going off he often has to hide under his bed due to his fear and flashbacks of experiences. Some expressed the concerns of damage to property and the major effect the use of fireworks has on the emergency services and accident and emergency departments. One member commented that there were many safer alternatives to fireworks these days an example is that of laser shows. (Erskine Session 3rd March)

I think CAT F2 and CAT F3 fireworks and all fireworks that make any bangs should be banned from sale to the public, the horrific noise these dangerous things make should be evidence enough to get them banned everywhere and forever, it is truly shocking people are selfish enough to buy and let these explosions off with little consideration for people and animals,wild and domestic, having these ear damaging noises imposed on them.

Fireworks should not be sold in shops and only licenced seller can sell them and similarly only those with licenses should be able to buy them. Banger type fireworks should be banned outright. (Erskine Session 3rd March)

Restrict noisy Fireworks at any time. Silent Fireworks only

Fireworks should only be available for organised displays

All fireworks should be banned from sale to the general public and only sold to and used by licensed organisations. I am worried by the framework of this consultation. Many people (including me) have opposed the weaker options on offer because we want a TOTAL BAN. I am concerned that legislators may choose to interpret this opposition as a call for "No action".

The overwhelming view was that Fireworks are best left to professionally organised events, as their general availability to the public results in a multitude of physical, perceptual, and mental health hazards having to be negotiated by autistic people, which the community contends are unnecessary. The accompanying sensory overwhelm created by the inherent unpredictability, alarming visual flashes and auditory intrusion were cited as being the most concerning elements. (Autism RC Session Feb)

Another, very logical argument put forward by our autistic people was the fact that explosives in the form of fireworks pose a very real Health and Safety threat to the life and limb of people and animals, and the Scottish Government should ban their availability to all except professionally trained organising bodies. (Autism Resource Centre Session Feb)

I have had experience of animals, large and small, being terrified by fireworks

All fireworks should be banned from sale to the general public and only sold to licensed organisations

They should all be banned as they are dangerous to animals including wild animals and to people if they fall into the wrong hands.

Fireworks should be banned for public use.

Many small charitable organisations purchase both CAT F2 and F3 fireworks in order to provide public displays at Bonfire Night. They do this because a Professionally fired display is far too costly. Banning the sale of fireworks will instantly kill off ALL Pubs , clubs , charities and communities from providing a display for their local towns and citizens.

Have we ever considered having silent fireworks? The fantastic light display without the ear shattering/animal scaring explosions.

The general public are irresponsible regarding the use of fireworks. They have no regard for other peoples anxiety with noise never mind the distress it causes pets and other animals.


I would like to see fireworks banned altogether. They are unnecessary, antisocial, polluting and they cause immeasurable distress to both animals and vulnerable humans. It's time for our society to be less self-indulgent and a bit more mature and responsible.

no member of the public needs explosives without first having purchased an expensive licence involving training and a probationary period, and preferably being vetted for suitability as if buying a gun licence & gun.The licence should only be used for pre-agreed advertised displays so that they are not a shock to people & animals who do not enjoy them

I totally agree with this. All fireworks should be banned, they are dangerous & often get used as weapons or for anti social behaviour throughout communities, causing a great deal stress not only to animals but to humans with medical conditions & or disabilities, time to get rid!

Yes! Ban all Fireworks and Pyrotechnics for purchase, possesion, storage, transportation, transfer, use and disposal by any member of the public. Disposal should be undertaken following the requirements of the EPA (Environmental Protection Act) and associated requlations for the safe disposal of potentially hazardous material.

Definately the law should go further and ban all fireworks from the general public.

All fireworks should be banned from general sale. Usage would have to be licensed. Identification of law breakers would be easier.

I think the sale and use of fireworks should be banned to the general public and restricted to licence holders for organised public displays only. Far too many people are proving that they cannot use fireworks responsibly and the current laws are not enforced. The use of drones for displays is on the rise and I think this is much more environmentally friendly and doesn't cause distress to people and animals.

As a dog owner I've seen my dogs reduced quivering wrecks by the noise the create. I also find them intrusive into my life.

Fireworks should be sold only to licenced users, nt the general public.

Yes, I think its ridiculous these noisy and frightening devices can be used by anyone at anytime. In a rural setting the amount of distress this causes to household pets and livestock is out of control. Not too mention older residents with dementia are terrified and people with PTSD have to get additional medications to get them through fireworks seasons. Why?

As usual, where fireworks are concerned, there are dozens of posts complaining about how fireworks affect people with mental health problems, autism or PTSD. The odd thing is that you never, ever see such a post with someone actually suffering from these conditions. This has become known as "The Doorne Effect" The Doorne Effect arises where dishonest or misleading information is twisted to support a narrative against something not to their liking.

The fewer people that can use fireworks the better. Many still do not understand just how dangerous the more powerful fireworks are.

Anonymous User: "Fireworks are bad for the environment and damaging to animals, both domestic and wild." Domestic animals are far worse for the environment. The nations 12 million dogs produce 9,000,000 tonnes of CO2 every year. Fireworks a mere 160 tonnes. Source: DEFRA/NAEI. Dogs also enjoy chasing down and slaughtering sheep. 15,000 last year according to Scottish farmers.

There's a lot of things that I don't like in this world like barking dogs, low flying aircraft, police helicopter flying about at night, cars racing each other but I'm not lobbying parliament to get them banned.

Official risk assessed organised displays should be only fireworks permitted & are far safer & entertaining.

Fireworks should be banned completely other than organised events which should be under the control of local councils and managed to minimise any distress caused. The suggested measures are too easy to get round - stock up on fireworks when they are on sale, will encourage a 'black market', and you will still end up with idiots running around with explosives in their hands.

"Fireworks, in the wrong hands, are weapons which cause injury, sometimes severe and great stress in animals and people. There have been cases of fireworks causing death." So says 'anonymous user.' Substitute 'dogs' for fireworks and the quote would be accurate. The fact is that no member of the UK general public has been killed by a firework this century. Dogs have killed dozens in the same period including babies, the elderly and infirm. Which needs more control? Pandering to voters.

Looks like another social liberty being outlawed for working class people. With council financial constraints it is unlikely there will be free public firework displays meaning fireworks, enjoyed responsibly by families for decades, will be a thing of the past, unless you happen to be wealthy. How about adopting this this idea for future woke policies; allow adults to be responsible and make their own choices instead of being dictated to! People are getting sick of the fun police.

Banning will not stop anti-social firework use. All it will do is force people to look at alternative methods of purchase and result in fireworks on the streets that would never be legal in the UK to begin with.

This is what banning fireworks looks like in Hawaii

Ban all fireworks. They’re loud, set off at unpredictable times, scary. From the stink and fun on the air, can’t be good for us or planet. Use resources for no good reason. Every rocket set off turns into litter somewhere. They’re a boon for disruptive people. Even organised displays scare animals, prevent sleep, cause pollution and litter.

Prohibition has worked so well before, 2 European countries already tried that this year and had more accidents and 2 deaths for the first time in years

Fireworks are ultimately explosives - it is not appropriate for these to be on sale to the general public, where they can be used in a dangerous manners, or used with no regard or warning to vulnerable people or pet owners. They should only be available to trained people who can be held to account

If there were to be dates on when people could but fireworks; some people may try to obtain fireworks illegally and then you’ll find that the people who misuse them suddenly have a lot louder and more lethal fireworks. Besides nobody wants to find out that their neighbour is manufacturing fireworks because if they did they would be evacuated. At least let’s hope that’s how they find out…

I'm sick of having to pay for medication and plug-in diffusers to try and make my animals comfortable for several weeks a year. Bonfire Night becomes a fortnight, as does New Year, as does Hallowe'en and any other excuse these idiots can come up with. Come and watch my cats literally lick themselves raw for your "enjoyment" of the, quite frankly, ridiculously poor quality light show you private purchasers of supermarket fireworks force on others. You are buying noise pollution - that's it!

Current laws are sufficient and just require enforcement

I think there should be organised displays only. I also don't understand where the 37 days comes from - five major festivals are listed - why does each apparently need seven days of fireworks. If we must have fireworks, five days per year only.

Current laws don’t have the resource to enforce. Black market will increase. Most fireworks sales via illegal means are for banned fireworks, such as bangers etc. full ban will drive more underground,

Current laws are sufficient. THEY JUST NEED ENFORCING ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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