Should the proposed law go further?

Should the proposed law go further?

Do you think the proposed law should go further? For example, banning the general public from buying or using all CAT F2 and CAT F3 fireworks? If you agree that the proposed law should go further, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


There will always be some who would want to try and get away it

They are incendiaries; too dangerous, too noisy, causing injury, death, trauma, massive animal welfare issues, as well as tormenting and traumatising vulnerable humans. Not safe for general public to buy or use.

I would be happy to see all fireworks banned outside of planned events, with only licensed people allowed to set them off. This would at least make it easier for people with health issues such as PTSD to prepare for the event rather than never knowing when fireworks will go off

Fireworks are hugely toxic, damaging human cells and animal lungs. When the debris is consumed by water birds and fish, it's deadly to them as well (and what's worse is some of these chemicals are tested on living animal's lungs - this is not on in 2022. They are terrifying to animals (wild and domestic) causing some animals to leave and never return to their young, we could use light or water displays to music without having fireworks as shown in some creative and spectacular displays. Thanks

I honestly believe fireworks i.e. explosives should be licensed, and only those who carry a license should be allowed to buy/use them. If the general public want to see fireworks there are public displays. I appreciate there are religious exceptions which could be worked into the license process, but anyone using fireworks should have to prove they understand the safety aspects.

STOP meddling with our traditions. ENFORCE the law against those who would do harm to others with the misuse of fireworks. STOP making law abiding citizens the guilty party.

The use of fireworks should be banned

Is it not possible to put some legislation around noise level of fireworks. I believe you can get fireworks that don't make bangs anymore.. this would take most of the issues away for alot of people.

I love firework displays, preferably far away from houses. But fireworks sold to the public are set off for days before and after 5th Nov and because of the very loud noise frighten many dogs, and stop people going out because they have to leave their animals. Why do fireworks have to be so loud? It is quite unnecessary and is the main reason for my objection. If noisy ones could be banned I'd be happy with other ones being sold to the public.

Unrestricted fireworks are not only dangerous to those using them, they also cause severe distress to animals and autistic people, and are disruptive to families with small children. Ban public use and access to fireworks completely, and limit licenced organised events to specific days and times.

There is no reason for members of the public to have explosive material in their homes. You can't have a gun without a license so why should you have fireworks without a license. They cause soo much stress to animals for no good reason. Organised and licensed fireworks displays in certain areas that don't disturb the public and/or animals only.

I believe the law should go much further by making ONLY silent fireworks legal in Scotland. All other fireworks should be illegal, whether commercial or otherwise. Silent fireworks would resolve all other's the only sensible option.

All fireworks should be banned from sale to the public and only sold to licensed organisations who put on organised displays in a strictly controlled environment on a few specific dates of the year.

Yes, totally agree. No pyro should be sold to the public. It should be for organised displays only.

I have no objection to the use of fireworks on designated dates and times. I will take appropriate measure to shield my animals when I know fireworks will be used. However the current situation where it seems any night from hallowe’en to January 1st is fair game to set off the fireworks to show the neighbours you can make the biggest bangs is impossible to cope with

Yes. Dangerous explosives should not be on sale to the public.

Shouldn’t be allowed in residential areas only public displays. Going off now at all times of the year.

ban the use of any fireworks other than silent ones used at public organised displays and heavily fine any one who chooses to break this rule

I don’t think the general public should be able to buy fireworks. They’re dangerous and unnecessary.

I love fireworks but don’t agree with the public being able to purchase and use them. I feel they should only be allowed at organised displays. This would help cut the distress that all animals go through. I also feel they should be banned at new year to once a year is enough

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