Does the proposed law go too far?

Does the proposed law go too far?

Do you think the proposed law goes too far? Do you think the changes should not be made? If you agree and think the proposals go to far, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


There is nothing wrong with fireworks. Fireworks should not be only once a year.

The law does not go far enough - the chaos these fireworks creates is horrendous

The laws are going too far now and making more hassle than it’s worth. Lots of people light more fireworks now to make a point I feel it creates a bigger divide between people about a misleading ask people if the law goes too far...but tell them to disagree to say that it does!

the use of fireworks is distressing to animals, some children and some adults with autism and PTSD and can be harmful. Its tolerable fro short periods, but not over extended days.

I dont think the law goes far enough and more rules and regulations should be spproved

The law does not go far enough, fireworks should only be sold to organised groups on specific occasions

Leave the law as is this is a time wasting and costly bill. Tackle poverty and child welfare well before this nonsense

The heading here is confusing. The question seems to be does the law go too far. So does saying yes mean you don’t agree with this part of the bill? What is the part of the bill this question is about?

I'm confused about whether I'm a thumbs up or down. I don't think the law goes far enough. If a total ban isn't on the table then - fewer days, only group displays, restricted zones, licence and training.

As its already the illgal use tgat is tge problem

I'm not against restricting times fireworks can be sold or let off, though; that sounds like a good idea.

Complete BAN required.

Basically fireworks are used to often, without warning and are too noisy. They are known to be terrifying to pets and must also have a negative impact on wildlife. Horses especially who cannot be kept indoors are known to bolt and hurt themselves in panic. The law needs serious review to take into account the above. It is not right that animals and even some humans suffer so much for just a few minutes' frivolous entertainment.

This crazy. What’s next banning dogs ?? More people are seriously injured and killed by dogs each year. Why all this money has been wasted on all these consultations is beyond me. Your making an mountain out of a mole hill. There are some who use fireworks in an antisocial manner but the majority of people who use, use them as intended. A minority trying to ruin the tradition enjoy by majority. It’s a showcase for who can scream the loudest. The world we are in today unfortunately. Sad

I thought that we lived in a free country. I’m beginning to wonder now with powers being handed to the police like confetti. The majority of the population are law abiding decent people. What will be banned next?

The law does not go far enough. Total ban required

The law is Sufficient. Fireworks are fun!

If you want to promote safety and avoid public nuisance, let's ban dogs and alcohol both cause more misery and hospital admissions than fireworks. The existing laws are not enforced and would stop Tam the bam letting off fireworks when his team if we tried, even with this law he will still do it just in the street not the safety of a garden.

I think one should be allowed to let off fireworks in one's garden at certain times, e.g. Hogmanay to see in the New Year.

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