Does the proposed law go too far?

Does the proposed law go too far?

Do you think the proposed law goes too far? Do you think the changes should not be made? If you agree and think the proposals go to far, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


There is nothing wrong with fireworks. Fireworks should not be only once a year.

The law does not go far enough - the chaos these fireworks creates is horrendous

The laws are going too far now and making more hassle than it’s worth. Lots of people light more fireworks now to make a point I feel it creates a bigger divide between people about a misleading ask people if the law goes too far...but tell them to disagree to say that it does!

the use of fireworks is distressing to animals, some children and some adults with autism and PTSD and can be harmful. Its tolerable fro short periods, but not over extended days.

I dont think the law goes far enough and more rules and regulations should be spproved

The law does not go far enough, fireworks should only be sold to organised groups on specific occasions

Leave the law as is this is a time wasting and costly bill. Tackle poverty and child welfare well before this nonsense

The heading here is confusing. The question seems to be does the law go too far. So does saying yes mean you don’t agree with this part of the bill? What is the part of the bill this question is about?

I'm confused about whether I'm a thumbs up or down. I don't think the law goes far enough. If a total ban isn't on the table then - fewer days, only group displays, restricted zones, licence and training.

As its already the illgal use tgat is tge problem

I'm not against restricting times fireworks can be sold or let off, though; that sounds like a good idea.

Complete BAN required.

Basically fireworks are used to often, without warning and are too noisy. They are known to be terrifying to pets and must also have a negative impact on wildlife. Horses especially who cannot be kept indoors are known to bolt and hurt themselves in panic. The law needs serious review to take into account the above. It is not right that animals and even some humans suffer so much for just a few minutes' frivolous entertainment.

This crazy. What’s next banning dogs ?? More people are seriously injured and killed by dogs each year. Why all this money has been wasted on all these consultations is beyond me. Your making an mountain out of a mole hill. There are some who use fireworks in an antisocial manner but the majority of people who use, use them as intended. A minority trying to ruin the tradition enjoy by majority. It’s a showcase for who can scream the loudest. The world we are in today unfortunately. Sad

I thought that we lived in a free country. I’m beginning to wonder now with powers being handed to the police like confetti. The majority of the population are law abiding decent people. What will be banned next?

The law does not go far enough. Total ban required

The law is Sufficient. Fireworks are fun!

If you want to promote safety and avoid public nuisance, let's ban dogs and alcohol both cause more misery and hospital admissions than fireworks. The existing laws are not enforced and would stop Tam the bam letting off fireworks when his team if we tried, even with this law he will still do it just in the street not the safety of a garden.

I think one should be allowed to let off fireworks in one's garden at certain times, e.g. Hogmanay to see in the New Year.

Current legislation is sufficient and extra regulation creates unnecessary bureaucracy. It may also reduce safety as people may try and circumvent the proposed restrictions if they are put into law.

This is a stupid question and probably put in to squew the results. Fireworks should be BANNED so I don't know how to rate this daft question.

It doesn’t go far enough. Fireworks cause extreme distress to people with , for example, PTSD and to animals. In Edinburgh organised displays are far too loud causing buildings to shake.

Doesn't go far enough. If there must be firework displays they should be organised. Silent fireworks should be considered. I live near a cat and dog home and fireworks seem to be let off all year round and must be terrifying for the animals

If fireworks can be bought by the public, they can be set off at any time/day they chose. I believe there should only be fireworks at organised events and only for November 5th. If fireworks are used for any other event, they should be silent

No I don't think the laws on Fireworks go far enough. The whole system of regulation on this issue is required and should include; The importation of Fireworks and Pyrotechnics, Their storage wherever that may be, The sale of said items, the handling of such items, their transportation and transfer, safe use and disposal.

Fireworks cause distress to animals. They should be banned. The laws need to be as tough as possible, across the UK. They are dangerous and used irresponsibly. My cousin's elderly husky was spooked by some kids letting off fireworks nearby, one night in October. She was so terrified, she managed to bolt from the back garden. She has not been seen since. A terribly sad story. Who needs fireworks anyway? Why can't they be silent, if needed at all??

there are far too may opportunities for firework use & misuse at present. As there are 4 festivals that "require" fireworks (5th Nov, NYE, Diwali, Chinese NY) why are they available for 16 hours per day, 365 days per year? They cause huge distress to many, many people, and domestic, farm & wild animals. They cause pollution by chemicals in the air & water, and also debris/litter. The costs of firework damage to property is significant. The cost to the NHS and emergency services is also too much

The current licensing arrangements are more than adequate

Given the trend to extend using fireworks for 2 to 4 weeks either side of Nov 5th and using them for all sorts of other celebrations, and given the trauma they cause to animals, I disagree that the proposed law goes too far.

I don't think it goes far enough. Fireworks have got out of hand. November the 5th now goes on for weeks !! Only organised licensed displays. No sales to the general public. They are explosives after all !! And are a lot bigger and more powerful than many years ago. These days they are very loud and extremely dangerous in the wrong hands !! New laws are long overdue.

The law does not go far enough

I rated up but there should be a total ban on Joe Public being able to buy explosives

They should not be sold to the public at all

It is way past time for an update in firework law. They are outdated and overused. The tradition is 5th November and more recently NYE, Chinese NY, and Diwali have found their way into this countries traditions. It is NOT 365 days a year for 16 hours of every day so why should that be suffered by those whose lives are affected by this overuse?

Fireworks should be banned for the sake of animals, people with PTSD and autistic children. If we must have them restrict them to certain days of the year only.

There must be tighter regulations as the use of fireworks is becoming more and more regular. They also are becoming noisier. I feel that the laws should include 'no bang' firewirks

Fireworks should be banned for puplic sale full stop , they let them off for football, birthdays,anything these days and are getting louder by the year its like a war zone and our pets are terrified also the wildlife must be terrified too its mostly adults that are letting them off so selling them to 18 and over isn't going to solve the problem they shouldn't be sold all year either.

Fireworks should never be sold to the general public. Should be official licensed displays only. Far too many irresponsible idiots around to allow the public anywhere near pyrotechnics of any kind.

🤔maybe reword the responses!

I think the sale of fireworks to the general public should be stopped and only professionally organised displays only should be allowed

Not been worded in the best manner. Confusing the way the question is being asked. Fireworks are currently misused , cause no amount of stress to animals, wildlife and people . Should be licensed only bought at set times, organised events only . Too many are used irresponsible fed up watching my dog suffer because of idiots. Public should not be able to buy them and use in back gardens with no thought to neighbours or others. As it stands the law does not do enough

I think the laws and regulation are fine as the stand. What we need is for the police to enforce the law as it stands.

Current laws are sufficient and just require enforcement

What a confusing way to ask this question. I disagree that it goes too far. I'm not clear how it relates to existing regulation eg about times of day when fireworks can be let off. It does not go far enough if it does not restrict the hours when they can be let off.

Existing rules are sufficient. The few times a year that fireworks are used bring far more joy to people than any minor discomfort in others.

There is no law for fireworks my poor dogs are terrified they wont even go out for the toilet its a disgrace and i am disgusted that it is still going on

Why would it make sense to add more laws that are difficult to enforce when the most antisocial use is already illegal, yet not effectively enforced. Is a licencing law going to stop people buying illegal bangers from Facebook?

I think the new laws are a good thing. The public has shown that 'common sense' and guidance aren't strong enough guides.

Fireworks are still being misused. If an individual wishes to handle them they should have to prove they understand all the necessary precautions

I don't think the law goes far enough

Safety and animal welfare comes first

Doesn’t go far enough the public should not be allowed to have it use explosives.

Current laws are sufficient and just require enforcement

When you ban items, you create a black market, which will lead to unregulated goods appearing on the market, plus people will just drive to England to buy their goods, thus depriving Scottish business's of income. Look at Southern Ireland, fireworks banned, injuries are far higher than the UK, how can it be policed ? by the time they arrive the perpetrators are long gone,

Existing laws are sufficient

I am autistic and struggle with the increasing amount of fireworks and they seem louder each year.

They're too noisy, upsetting pets and livestock and get misused

The law does not go far enough

I'm not sure whether thumbs up or thumbs down means I am confirming my support of the Bill, although I would quite happily see all sales of fireworks banned unless to a registered community group with full training and insurance.

Doesn’t go far enough

Dogs barking in the middle of the night causing more distress to people sleeping. Than a few fireworks on certain occasions of A YEAR is no harm to anyone. In a right environment and with instructions being followed fireworks bring joy to lots of people in the uk.

Ban noisy fireworks

A bit confusing, but I disagree with the sale of fireworks to anyone except professional organisers, A strict time limit for shows except in very remote places. And there should be no loopholes. It's almost all year round now. So what if Chinese want to celebrate their new year, I would have been ok with that as well, but locally they were doing it for 3 HOURS. Shot themselves in the foot with that one. As for local chavs getting hold of them..

It unnecessarily scares animals. It has caused countless accidents that some have resulted in a painful and horrific death. I disagree with the point that the proposal goes too far.

It makes sense

You want to as the question in a proper manner

Proposed law does not go far enough. A total ban would be preferable but if not thought feasible then the stronger controls the better.

Proposals do not go far enough. Fireworks are dangerous and a public nuisance and should generally be banned for use by members of the public.

No it doesn't go to far . We need a category of garden fireworks that are visual and beery quiet . Rockets should never be acceptable in domestic environs. They always fall outwith the users dwelling garden , and are therefore littering .

Any regulation is a good start. Need more restrictions on loud rapid bang displays and inclusion of more silent fireworks

The new proposals don't go far enough.

Fireworks should be banned outright. They are essentially animal abuse for cheap entertainment.

Clearly things need to change. No idea why we bother to even “celebrate “ November 5th. I grew up with it and I actually like to see some fireworks. As with a lot of things now it’s all about the money.

I can think of no reason why we are allowing members of the public to buy and use explosives when they provide no benefit to anyone, cause huge numbers of injuries each year and are regularly used as weapons against emergency service workers. A full ban should be enforced

The proposed law DOESN’T GO FAR ENOUGH !! A complete ban unless on November 5th LICENSED event !!

Animals and humans alike are traumatised by the indiscriminate use of fireworks by the public

The current laws are inadequate because: 1. it’s not possible to identify where misused fireworks come from. 2. The police do not have resource to police this. 3. What is described as responsible firework use, still entails loud explosive noise in back gardens- which causes distress to others. If a minority cause distress to others then further regulation is required.

It's in line with my personal wishes.

It's exactly what I want.

I think that the general public shouldn’t be allowed to use fireworks at all. All fireworks should only be used by professionals at organised displays. I also feel that the government should consider going as far as other countries already have in having only silent fireworks as the loud noises can have a traumatic effect on animals especially pets and horses. There is also the worry of these loud noises over several days or weeks terrorising people with PTSD (e.g. veterans), autistics etc.

There should be a total ban except for public displays

It doesn't go far enough

the law on fireworks and the use thereof is not sufficiant as it stands, firewoks are being sold to children and missused. their missuse couses stress to animals and humans alike.

Fireworks are used too much and are distressing to people and animals. They should be banned.

Fireworks make too many lives a misery.... both human, pet and wildlife. The more regulations that are enforced the less chance of rogue operators

Not far enough

Badly drafted question. Law does not go far enough. Fireworks terrify our animals to the point where we have to drug one of our dogs around 5 Nov.

The current laws only prohibit sale to over 18s and also, the time they should stop being let off. Theoretically they are allowed in public spaces but they are used there by inconsiderate and stupid people. Make it really difficult to get hold of them and also make you stand out for using them, then enforcement of the laws become much easier.

Confusing wording. Proposal does not go far enough. Members of the public do not need/should not have personal access to fireworks.

Only council or government events should be allowed to use fireworks. Trying to only allow sales at special times means people will buy them then and use them when they like. Public should not be allowed to have explosives

Current law and enforcement not sufficient, not proportionate to distress to children, people and animals.

Enforcement needs to be clear hence I agree with this part of the Bill

I love fireworks but am against their unrestricted use because of the effects on pets, livestock and wild animals. The element causing animals most distress is the constant noise. It's like being in a war zone. I'm old enough to remember when only some fireworks were "bangers" which were widely disapproved of by our parents. The best thing about fireworks of all categories is the light show which has got better and better. Why not get rid of the noise? Does it add anything worth the distress?

No, however licences and training should be obligatory.

It’s not far enough. Idiots can still apply for a license and will still let of these horrendous things near farm animals, Wildlife and pets. It’s doesn’t stop them from doing it for the weeks leading up to bonfire night or the weeks after. They use them for all kinds of celebrations. More is needed unfortunately

Fireworks are antisocial and dangerous.

It's totally unclear what thumbs up and thumbs down mean. .... what a badly designed research

The law does not go far enough. I have to watch my wee dog, who was shot before I rescued him, terrified for weeks & weeks after hearing just 1. Some children are terrified of them too. Also, I'm not quite sure we should be celebrating the English trying to blow up a Scottish King, I know they didn't succeed, but, should we really be celebrating that in these times???

It can never go too far

No ordinary (unqualified) person who is not engaged in working for a company who create pyrotechnic displays should be allowed to possess, carry or use them.

I don’t think it goes far enough or is clear enough about how it will be realistically implemented and enforced. No point introducing legislation if it isn’t properly enforced.

I dont think the proposed law goes far enough. My dog has to be sedated prior, during and after any event that you know will involve people using fireworks. People letting fireworks off late into the night even on nights where the weather is that bad you can’t see the fireworks in the sky, the noise is like a bomb going off 😡

Not perfect but not too far

Firework use has been abused and needs serious control by serious people but at the same time not so much as to make it complicated for sensible use.

I would support a complete ban on public sale of fireworks and limit use to organised official displays on only a couple of days per year.

We need a strong law that protects people from the misuse of fireworks, and protects animals from the affects of fireworks on them.

To reduce the adverse effects on both domesticated animals and wildlife, as well as reducing injuries from misuse of pyrotechnica

Ideally the bill should go further, to completely ban the sale of fireworks other than for organised events

It dosnt go far enough, its idiots who think it is okay to put of fire works in residential areas without warning neibours who are causing the most distress

Fireworks cause death and injury to humans and animals who have to be left outside in fields. They terrify most dogs and cats.

Too many people misuse fireworks. All categories of animals, wild, domestic and farm can be seriously disturbed by inconsiderate or malevolent use of fireworks

People with PTSD and animals are terrified with the noise of fireworks now.... they are no longer just nice to look at. It goes on for weeks and my rescue dog was extremely distressed when an inconsiderate neighbour had fireworks and does every year getting louder and louder.

Confusing question. I disagree that the proposed law goes too far. It doesn't go far enough . Fireworks should not be available to the general public to purchase. I don't know what I'm voting for or against - I'm For the proposed law. Hopefully comments will be read before tallies are used

If fireworks are required for events, then there should be heavy restrictions on the timing. The only real times for foreworks are the established ones-Bonfire Night and New Years Eve.

This question is misleading. I don't know whether it's thumbs up or down! It's ridiculous. Fireworks cause too much stress for children with autism, those with PTSD, and wildlife and pets. End the sale of fireworks.

Regulate fireworks bought on the internet

The proposals do not go far enough. All firework sales should be restricted and supermarkets should not be licensed to sell any fireworks at any time

No doesn’t go far enough ban them completely.

I'd ban the sale of fireworks to the public full stop. Only licenced organisations should be able to buy them for licenced events where they are under the control of a trained pyrotechnic operator.

Of the distress caused to animals in particular. The distress my dog suffers requires it to be medicated every time. People also suffer.

Legal controls regarding the use of fireworks must be introduced.

It doesnt go far enough.

The law does not GO FAR ENOUGH. Sale of fireworks to the public should be banned ALTOGETHER

There is an increasing amount of distress and concern caused by fireworks, particularly those becoming more powerful. There is a definite need to increase controls on the use of all types of fireworks.

the proposed law does not go far enough. Be much easier if fireworks were banned completely. They are a waste of money, cause havoc to the environment, harmful to our household pets, stray animals, birds and people with certain physical or mental health conditions. We don't need them to enjoy festivals or music gigs or anywhere else they are currently used.

proposed law does not go far enough. I doubt if most people would notice any difference if the proposed law was passed in it's current format.

Considerably more could be done to prevent upset. t

Fireworks are dangerous and need control. I would want a ban on all fireworks with a loud bang. That is what frightens dogs and horses, and even kills some in their panic. Fireworks do not need to go off with a loud bang though I know some think this is fun. It is not fun for animals or any people who have been in war zones

I think the law doesn't go far enough.

All fireworks should be banned for use by the general public. Insufficient attention is paid by most people to the effects on domestic animals and wildlife, and also the use of fireworks can often be abused by rebellious young people

Law doesn't go far enough. Public use should be extremely limited, with events being approved by Councils and Police at least one month in advance. Events in places like children homes should get approval (assuming licenses are in place), but anyone wanting 'a few fireworks in the back garden' should be fully disapproved.

There needs to be a law severely restricting this anti-social activity where the few can make life a misery for the many.

No, the proposals are fine and and the sooner they are passed the better, BUT I fear that the Q & A are confusing. Many of the 👍 and 👎 are actually saying the same message "No to Fireworks" Please when analysing responses read all comments to determine the correct meaning and answer. 😒

Fireworks are a complete and utter nuisance - noise polluting and physically polluting (they fall out of the sky all over the place). Animals both wild and domestic are frequently traumatised by the noise.

Fireworks should be banned, full stop. They cause untold distress to animals and many humans, basically creating conditions similar to a war zone all in the name of a few minutes of “fun”. Fireworks are not fun, they are dangerous, upsetting and an invasion of peoples privacy and right to peace and quiet in their own homes. They pollute the acoustic environment and the atmosphere. Time for a total ban.

I think that all sales to the general public should be stopped, they are much more powerful and noisy than they used to be and are seriously misused. My Grandmother was once badly burnt when a firework was thrown and caught her ankle and more recently I saw fireworks being thrown from the pavement at cars as they passed by on the road. Fireworks are dangerous, they are explosives and should be treated as such. There should be a total ban.

of the distress caused to animals and humans

it needs to change

The proposals are needed to manage the increasing inappropriate and anti-social use of fireworks

I don't think the law goes far enough. Fireworks need to be restricted to organised professional events at certain times of the year. It should not be possible for any member of the public to buy fireworks over the counter or online. The are a social and environmental hazard and their use needs to be properly regulated. See Australia's laws on fireworks for an example.

it's a start but doesn't go far enough.

It also needs to specify the period when the fireworks can be used.

The Firework laws don’t go far enough. Fireworks should just be used on November 5th and only at licensed public displays well away from built up areas. People shouldn’t Actually I don’t think the firework laws go far enough. I think fireworks should be confined to one day which is November 5th and should only be sold to and let off at public displays which are licensed. Fireworks should not be on sale to the general public.

There is far too much use of indiscriminate fireworks. Near where I live a horse was blinded by a rocket and had to be put down. In addition, people start letting them off in the morning, and they go on for two- three days after the event, be it Halloween, Guy Fawkes, New Year. So, there should also be much stricter rules on when they can be set off. I would prefer public displays only.

The bill does not go far enough to eliminate the use of fireworks.

In my opinion a total ban would be good

Safety must always come before profit and pleasure. It is rarely those in charge who are injured, but the innocent bystanders. When there's so much "entertainment" to chose from these days, why allow something so noisy, disruptive, upsetting to many and potentially very dangerous?

Fireworks should be illegal. End of.

Is this questionnaire in English? What a joke this consultation is🤣 Can't you ask straightforward questions . I am totally against fireworks okay......der

I don't understand the question.

Not sure how to answer this but would like to see a complete ban on the sale of fireworks to the public

Not sure quite whats being asked for here in the thumbs up/down! But I do not agree that the law goes far enough. I may have put this in the wrong box!!

It doesn't go far enough. The general public should not be allowed to buy or set off fireworks at all. People aren't allowed access to dynamite without being properly qualified and licensed, why shouldn't it be the same for similar explosives like fireworks?

Fireworks should not be sold to the public at all. Their use should be in public displays only, a safer option and a much better show than one can afford as an individual. Teenagers in particular think it's funny to throw them at people or animals, not realising the damage that can be inflicted, or they hold them in their hands and suffer horrendous and life-changing injuries. They were banned in N. Ireland during the Troubles and this law should never have been reversed.

Confusing question - but....I feel fireworks should only be available on the day and there should be a drastic reduction in the decibels allowed as they are more like bombs nowadays. Organised displays are a preference but 'old fashioned' fireworks should be safe and not cause problems in the wrong hands.

No it doesnt go too far but is probably unenforceable like most laws for this country! It is overdue that this needs to be reighned in. Too many injuries and deaths to innocent animals and the perpetrators must be punished.

I dont think it hoes far enough. They should be totally banned. Fireworks are dangerous harmful and often fatal to animals and the environment. They should not be available to the public and should only be used by professionals in a controlled and safe manner with all safety protocols in place and pre-warning so that measures can be put in place to safeguard animals as much as possible.

No idea how best to answer this question due to the way it has been worded.

Poorly worded question. The proposed laws do not go too far.

I genuinely feel there needs to be a total ban out with organised events. I think anything short of this is causing unnecessary suffering and distress to many.

People are now importing fireworks from Poland, for example, as they contain a higher amount of explosive thereby creating more noise. I have been fortunate that my pets don't usually bother but they absolutely terrified at New Year. The noise was so sudden & loud I thought the gas boiler had exploded and having previously been in a gas explosion that rendered me permanently disabled suffered flashbacks. It is not only domestic pets that are affected but animals in the fields.

I share lost, missing & stolen pets. Fireworks used to be contained to 5 November but are now set off at Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Weddings, Birthdays, etc with no prior notice or concern for domestic pets or animals in the fields. The last celebrations caused a vast amount of missing pets, many running in terror and being killed on the roads. Horses bolted out of fields and killed In Italy 'Silent Fireworks' have been the norm for years. Licence the use of fireworks

If you have a dog, or have ever seen a dog that's terrified of fireworks, like mine is, you honestly wouldn't even be asking permission to change the law. It's 90 minutes of shaking, hyperventilating and panting with absolute fear in his's a horrible thing to see, but even worse for him.

Very confusing question but like everyone else in the comment I agree they should be banned completely. You are selling explosives at the end of the day which could be used for much worse things than lights in the sky. Police and courts need much greater powers do stop any illegal use .

the bill goes way to far and will not stop anti social people obtaining and using illegal fireworks. Enforce the current regulations and let law abiding people carry on using legal fireworks in a legal setting.

There are still too many accidents involving fireworks

fireworks are a completely unnecessary public nuisance.

This is confusing as I agree and disagree with the question above! The law as it currently stands does not go far enough and big changes need to be implemented to protect vulnerable people and animals. At the moment the extent of fireworks an their misuse causes untold suffering and this really needs to be addresses. The police need to be given greater powers to police this better. I personally think there should just be organised displays that are organised on specific dates

The law doesn't go far enough.

I think the sale of fireworks to the general public should be completely prohibited, and kept to organised events where a license should be obtained prior to being able to purchase. The stress and damage they do to pets and livestock is not worth the pretty loghts and loud bangs in the sky. Even if foreworks are onky sold at specific times during the year, there is still nothing to stop people stock piling them.

This question is strangely worded and out of place as the second one on the questionnaire (the one I accessed, at least). I don’t know the extent of the proposed law but I don’t imagine it will go far enough in my view, which is that fireworks shouldn’t be sold to members of the public. I’ve selected the thumbs down icon - ie, the proposed law doesn’t go too far, but the button is lit in the ‘For’ box, suggesting that I agree that the proposal goes too far. Bad questionnaire design!

I disagree because i think there should be tougher restrictions on the sale of fireworks than proposed , if a complete ban is not possible then all banging loud fireworks should be banned from sale to the public, the horrific, anxiety/stress inducing noise these banging fireworks make is intolerable to many people and animals and can course damage to the ear drum.

One member expressed there should be no ban on fireworks and no restriction on the use of fireworks in Scotland. The use of fireworks should be available all year round and he commented that we do not live in a police state. The main consensus here was on civil liberties and he discussed this with a number of other members who understood his views but felt that restrictions would be safer but in a way that still allowed the enjoyment of wider society. (Erskine Session 3rd March)

I don't think the proposal goes far enough. Ban noisy Fireworks

I would be happy if fireworks were only available for organised displays

The proposed law does not go far enough

I don't think the proposals go far enough. Disressing to aninals any many vunerable groups of people often misused. Going off at various rimes if year.

The proposed law would never go too far as far as fireworks are concerned. Fireworks are potential weapons and need updated legislation to ensure safety to the public and animals,

I definitely do not think the law goes too far. On the contrary I think the law doesn’t go far enough, their should be a complete ban on all fireworks with no exception.

Badly worded question will lead to unreliable data.

TOO FAR ! ! Industry killing too far !!! BOTH RETAIL AND PROFESSIONAL DISPLAY . Retail will instantly be killed off. The importation and MASSIVE TAX revenue income that is currently brought into Scotland and the uk will be lost . Black market sales will rocket ! "pun intended" Only allowing certain dates and times for fireworks is absolutely absurd !!! Professional display companies rely on out of season displays such as weddings in order to survive the rest of the year .

Current law is sufficient and just needs enforcing

Fireworks and the frequency of them being set off needs restricting for public and animal safety

I dont thinknthis does go too far. The oressure it puts on emergency services is out of hand as it it they are flbeing used as weapons. The damage this does to animal welfare is off the scale and the publucs use is out if control. Something major MUST be done to enforce a control of these explosives. They are a danger to life

The more restrictions, the better. I would be happy with a total ban. They create serious pollution and terrify animals. Nobody needs fireworks - they are unnecessary and their use is selfish and irresponsible.

It doesn't go far enough. All fireworks should be banned!

its about time more control was taken over fireworks. They are dangerous and should only be used by qualified people.

THIS IS NOT A CLEAR QUESTION! I don't think the laws protect all those that suffer and the law definately doesn't go far enough! Whether it's displays or the general public, fireworks continue to disrupt and cause terror and even death to animals and humans alike. Fireworks have been allowed to continue to go off any time of the year past a reasonable hour and for long periods of time and days! Fireworks should be banned to protect all those that continue to suffer.

Far too easy for people to buy fireworks and set them off any day

partially I agree, I think the number of days people can let them off should be severely restricted, perhaps needing a licence if you want them at a wedding or special occasion

I would go for a total ban personally.

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