Does the proposed law go too far?

Does the proposed law go too far?

Do you think the proposed law goes too far? Do you think the changes should not be made? If you agree and think the proposals go to far, rate it up (๐Ÿ‘), if you disagree, rate it down (๐Ÿ‘Ž). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


Current legislation is sufficient and extra regulation creates unnecessary bureaucracy. It may also reduce safety as people may try and circumvent the proposed restrictions if they are put into law.

This is a stupid question and probably put in to squew the results. Fireworks should be BANNED so I don't know how to rate this daft question.

It doesnโ€™t go far enough. Fireworks cause extreme distress to people with , for example, PTSD and to animals. In Edinburgh organised displays are far too loud causing buildings to shake.

Doesn't go far enough. If there must be firework displays they should be organised. Silent fireworks should be considered. I live near a cat and dog home and fireworks seem to be let off all year round and must be terrifying for the animals

If fireworks can be bought by the public, they can be set off at any time/day they chose. I believe there should only be fireworks at organised events and only for November 5th. If fireworks are used for any other event, they should be silent

No I don't think the laws on Fireworks go far enough. The whole system of regulation on this issue is required and should include; The importation of Fireworks and Pyrotechnics, Their storage wherever that may be, The sale of said items, the handling of such items, their transportation and transfer, safe use and disposal.

Fireworks cause distress to animals. They should be banned. The laws need to be as tough as possible, across the UK. They are dangerous and used irresponsibly. My cousin's elderly husky was spooked by some kids letting off fireworks nearby, one night in October. She was so terrified, she managed to bolt from the back garden. She has not been seen since. A terribly sad story. Who needs fireworks anyway? Why can't they be silent, if needed at all??

there are far too may opportunities for firework use & misuse at present. As there are 4 festivals that "require" fireworks (5th Nov, NYE, Diwali, Chinese NY) why are they available for 16 hours per day, 365 days per year? They cause huge distress to many, many people, and domestic, farm & wild animals. They cause pollution by chemicals in the air & water, and also debris/litter. The costs of firework damage to property is significant. The cost to the NHS and emergency services is also too much

The current licensing arrangements are more than adequate

Given the trend to extend using fireworks for 2 to 4 weeks either side of Nov 5th and using them for all sorts of other celebrations, and given the trauma they cause to animals, I disagree that the proposed law goes too far.

I don't think it goes far enough. Fireworks have got out of hand. November the 5th now goes on for weeks !! Only organised licensed displays. No sales to the general public. They are explosives after all !! And are a lot bigger and more powerful than many years ago. These days they are very loud and extremely dangerous in the wrong hands !! New laws are long overdue.

The law does not go far enough

I rated up but there should be a total ban on Joe Public being able to buy explosives

They should not be sold to the public at all

It is way past time for an update in firework law. They are outdated and overused. The tradition is 5th November and more recently NYE, Chinese NY, and Diwali have found their way into this countries traditions. It is NOT 365 days a year for 16 hours of every day so why should that be suffered by those whose lives are affected by this overuse?

Fireworks should be banned for the sake of animals, people with PTSD and autistic children. If we must have them restrict them to certain days of the year only.

There must be tighter regulations as the use of fireworks is becoming more and more regular. They also are becoming noisier. I feel that the laws should include 'no bang' firewirks

Fireworks should be banned for puplic sale full stop , they let them off for football, birthdays,anything these days and are getting louder by the year its like a war zone and our pets are terrified also the wildlife must be terrified too its mostly adults that are letting them off so selling them to 18 and over isn't going to solve the problem they shouldn't be sold all year either.

Fireworks should never be sold to the general public. Should be official licensed displays only. Far too many irresponsible idiots around to allow the public anywhere near pyrotechnics of any kind.

๐Ÿค”maybe reword the responses!

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