Restrict the use of fireworks & pyrotechnics at events

Restrict the use of fireworks & pyrotechnics at events

The Bill will give the Scottish Government new powers to make regulations to control the possession or use of any fireworks or distress and signal flares at certain locations (such as sports grounds) or at certain events (such as public music festivals, or public marches/processions). If you agree with this proposal, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


Many in society seem to resort to the use of fireworks in very unsuitable locations/events. These powers are essential for controlling such inappropriate/dangerous use

The use of fireworks has spread in to congested urban areas , and the noise from fireworks is excessive despite previous attempts. Fireworks for personal garden use should be virtually noise free , visual effects. Rockets in domestic situations always become litter , and littering under any other situation would be littering .

too many idiots get hold of fireworks and behave in an antisocial way

Any explosive should only be used under strict control with proper safety and risk assessment having been carried out.

Shouldnt be allowed any of these into sports grounds or festivals or any public gatherings

My poor dogs were terrified and spent days cowering, shaking , trembling and trying to hide. We used to dread it every year. We had to have her sedated for days because the fireworks went on randomly sometimes for weeks. One day a year would be bearable but it never was just one day. One of ours ate a wooden door trying to escape and her mouth was bleeding and full of splinters.

All fireworks should be banned, if not hugely restricted use is necessary.

Fireworks should only be allowed at controlled event

Venues have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all that attend. There are no acceptable reasons for fireworks to be taken to any events, protests, marches etc they are explosives, and should not be allowed to be taken by random members of the public in the interests of the safety

yes but I feel as though an outright ban is warranted, there’s no feasible reason to use fireworks, they cause more problems than they’re worth, they’re bad for the environment and they cause distress to animals.

Have silent or low noise ones, its the awful bangs that are so distressing for people and animals, not the display

The use of fireworks is likely to be highly stressful to many forms of wildlife (& domesticated animals). Our wildlife is already under unprecedented pressure due to human activity, environmental degradation and climate change.

it limits the use of fireworks which is good but it would be better to totally ban fireworks at these kind of events. It's not good for the environment, pets and birds to continually have events where fireworks are being more the norm.

Why would you let people take these flares/fireworks into a crowded event anyway? Surely they’re a weapon in the wrong hands.

Too many displays are on or near where animals are housed. Plus the impact on wildlife.

Fireworks are dangerous explosives, end of

Existing laws already prevent the use in any public place or private land without the landowners permissions. New laws won't make it any more enforceable than it already is.

most definitely - these things are dangerous in the wrong hands - should even raise the age to 21

I am heartily sick of the devastation caused by inconsiderate firework users. I am also fed up with the constant noise associated with these "bombs" which goes on throughout the year with no consideration for anyone else, especially those people who work shifts, those with PTSD, young children or pets. Fireworks appear to be used now for any celebration, death, marriage, divorce, birthday, anniversary etc - there is no respite. They need regulating so nobody can buy them throughout the year.

They shouldn`t be allowed anywhere!

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