Restrict the use of fireworks & pyrotechnics at events

Restrict the use of fireworks & pyrotechnics at events

The Bill will give the Scottish Government new powers to make regulations to control the possession or use of any fireworks or distress and signal flares at certain locations (such as sports grounds) or at certain events (such as public music festivals, or public marches/processions). If you agree with this proposal, rate it up (👍), if you disagree, rate it down (👎). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


Many in society seem to resort to the use of fireworks in very unsuitable locations/events. These powers are essential for controlling such inappropriate/dangerous use

The use of fireworks has spread in to congested urban areas , and the noise from fireworks is excessive despite previous attempts. Fireworks for personal garden use should be virtually noise free , visual effects. Rockets in domestic situations always become litter , and littering under any other situation would be littering .

too many idiots get hold of fireworks and behave in an antisocial way

Any explosive should only be used under strict control with proper safety and risk assessment having been carried out.

Shouldnt be allowed any of these into sports grounds or festivals or any public gatherings

My poor dogs were terrified and spent days cowering, shaking , trembling and trying to hide. We used to dread it every year. We had to have her sedated for days because the fireworks went on randomly sometimes for weeks. One day a year would be bearable but it never was just one day. One of ours ate a wooden door trying to escape and her mouth was bleeding and full of splinters.

All fireworks should be banned, if not hugely restricted use is necessary.

Fireworks should only be allowed at controlled event

Venues have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all that attend. There are no acceptable reasons for fireworks to be taken to any events, protests, marches etc they are explosives, and should not be allowed to be taken by random members of the public in the interests of the safety

yes but I feel as though an outright ban is warranted, there’s no feasible reason to use fireworks, they cause more problems than they’re worth, they’re bad for the environment and they cause distress to animals.

Have silent or low noise ones, its the awful bangs that are so distressing for people and animals, not the display

The use of fireworks is likely to be highly stressful to many forms of wildlife (& domesticated animals). Our wildlife is already under unprecedented pressure due to human activity, environmental degradation and climate change.

it limits the use of fireworks which is good but it would be better to totally ban fireworks at these kind of events. It's not good for the environment, pets and birds to continually have events where fireworks are being more the norm.

Why would you let people take these flares/fireworks into a crowded event anyway? Surely they’re a weapon in the wrong hands.

Too many displays are on or near where animals are housed. Plus the impact on wildlife.

Fireworks are dangerous explosives, end of

Existing laws already prevent the use in any public place or private land without the landowners permissions. New laws won't make it any more enforceable than it already is.

most definitely - these things are dangerous in the wrong hands - should even raise the age to 21

I am heartily sick of the devastation caused by inconsiderate firework users. I am also fed up with the constant noise associated with these "bombs" which goes on throughout the year with no consideration for anyone else, especially those people who work shifts, those with PTSD, young children or pets. Fireworks appear to be used now for any celebration, death, marriage, divorce, birthday, anniversary etc - there is no respite. They need regulating so nobody can buy them throughout the year.

They shouldn`t be allowed anywhere!


The damage the fireworks and pyrotechnics cause to animals and people with mental health issues and various illness that makes them more susceptible to distress through loud and unpredictable noises is devastating! Every year, so many animals and people die due to stress! General punlic shouldnt be able to buy pyrotechnics at all, they should be licensed!

It's already law, but what about some enforcement

These questions are difficult to answer. Maybe have options of eg this proposal does not go far enough or this proposal is just right or this proposal goes too far. Person might agree needs restriction but feel restriction proposed isn’t strong enough. But if they say disagree, looks like they don’t want a restriction. If you see what I mean. Some comments under disagree to restriction seem in favour of stronger restriction. And this survey reported on in media but so hard to find!

its already law what about enforcement?

Control is a good thing. You have nothing to worry about if you do it safely & correctly.

There are ample laws to deal with this. So something that is already illegal, you want to make MORE does that one work!

Current laws are sufficient and just require enforcement

Fireworks should be kept to official events only

I dont think it gies far enough. I think you need to get back round the table. These proposals are a whitewash and and outright ban is required

Fireworks should not be sold to the public.

There ae too many inconsiderate people who don't consider the consequences of their actions

From a safety and common sense perspective it is the right thing to do.

Agree but it’s poorly worded. If an event is official and fireworks handled by professionals then that’s fine. Location is a big factor too, if it’s in an area where there are lots of residents or lots of livestock then more controls are good to restrict the use to silent fireworks or the reduction of loud rapid banging ones

Fireworks and pets wildlife dont mix. My dog is frightened to go out to garden to relive herself as soon as she hears the first firework go off thats it for 3 weeks takes time to settle down. I stay very near firework display and its very loud better that than having random fireworks going off throughout the night and her shaking constantly and being fearful

My right to buy and use fireworks within present regulation and laws should not be eroded. My family and I have used firework responsibly all my life. Not a single injury or complaint. There are more complaint to local councils about yapping dogs than fireworks... shall we have dog show only and ban people owning them??

Absolutely. No one should be taking an explosive out on the street or to an event. These are explosives. They are dangerous. They are noisy. They disrupt the lives of the majority. They scare animals. And they are set off all year long. Too easy to buy illegal ones on net. Eg when a certain football club won something or other, I looked at twitter, and people were sharing info on where to buy flares and fireworks. Sport events are increasingly a source of loud bangs, often for long periods.

There is no reason for members of the public to have explosive material in their homes. You can't have a gun without a license so why should you have fireworks without a license. They cause soo much stress to animals for no good reason. Organised and licensed fireworks displays in certain areas that don't disturb the public and/or animals only.

Fireworks are dangerous (accidents happen), they cause distress ranging from mild to severe to people with PTSD and animals.

Totally agree. Flares etc are just as dangerous. Why on Earth would you want to carry stuff like this that can seriously hurt people?

Fireworks shouldn't be used in sports grounds or festivals unless organised events.

Why would people even want to do the above? No need.

it is appropriate to restrict the use of dangerous items that can be (and frequently are) used inappropriately and dangerously ...and antisocially

Agree with others - an outright ban is needed

Dangerous in the wrong hands and cause a lot of distress to pets and wildlife

While most people treat fireworks responsibly many don’t, also animals are terrified by them, and often injured

There should only be organised professional displays with people who have training, no one else should be allowed to carry or set off these dangerous explosives.

Help restrict firework use

The less animal abuse, the better.

Fundamentally I do not believe that unlicensed persons should have fireworks in their possession

It may reduce the number of displays or misuse of fireworks, however, this does not go far enough and greater restrictions are needed.

Fireworks should be more tightly restricted.


I think everything should be done to prevent firework use outwith 5th Nov. The presure fireworks does to the emergency services & the public is beyond out of control.The damage this does to animals is irreversible. They are explosives and a danger to life & when seeing used in riots and as weapons towards emergency servives, we should be doing everything possible to prevent this and not to celebrate their usage!

Fireworks cause stress and fear in animals and humans

Should be a complete ban and only used on November 5th LICENSED events !!

Unless they are a part of the show they should not be allowed.

Too many venues see the misuse of fireworks, and particularly distress & signal flares which are high powered items with lethal potential


Restrictions on use is probably the way forward

Personal use of fireworks should be completely banned

Some people and animals find them distressing

Need more controls.

They are dangerous and are a noise nuisance to humans and animals including wildlife

Discourage the use of big fireworks in back gardens

The noise and disruption caused by home firesticks is really unacceptable, often still taking place after midnight. It is also terrible for local wildlife.

Where there is a risk to crowds of people in restricted space then that’s no place for fireworks.

It is helpful, but does not go far enough. Having designed a questionnaire myself I know how hard it is, but this one appears to have been designed to give answers that support the status quo. The law should simply be that ONLY organised, controlled displays should be allowed and they should be very tightly controlled

Agreed - why do we need fireworks at events?! They should only be a regulated events arranged for Bonfire night and possibly New Years Eve. All other events should not be allowed to have firework displays. They are unnecessary and cause so much harm to people, their pets and life stock.

It would limit inappropriate use and pollution

I have seen too many people and animals suffering because of fireworks. Most people do not care when or where they set them off.

This needs to go further, there should be an outright ban on the personal possession of fireworks. If people want to see them that much let them go to organised displays where safety is managed.

It gives people the option to avoid firework areas and would be regulated

Why do you need fireworks at sports events or music events,your there to enjoy the entertainment nothing else

ALL personal use should bebanned

The fewer the places fireworks and pyrotechnics are allow the safer it is for everyone. Displays and shows are the only suitable places they should be used.

The incidents of unsafe and indiscriminant use of fireworks is increasing .They are being manufactured to just below millitary grade and being ignited at times and places where both people and animals have been suddenly frightened.

Absolutely restricted areas only

you need to consider the amount of smoke pollution generated throughout Scotland, particu;arly in urban areas.


Irresponsible use of fireworks is particularly dangeros at mass events

These are dangerous devices which without doubt can and do result in serious injuries. I think they should be completely banned

it will prevent the use of fireworks in open public spaces

Fireworks are unpredictable and have no place at events where crowds are not strictly controlled. Besides the obvious safety concerns there is no control over where the empty casings land. The resulting noise isn’t just confined to the area where they are let off and can therefore cause distress to not only pets and wildlife but to anyone suffering from any number of stress disorders.

Use of fireworks at events is not necessary and means that they can be sued too freely and pose risks for participants and audiences.

Anything that enhances safety should be included.

Fireworks are so powerful these days and can do a lot of harm in the wrong hands.

It attempts to limit the use of fireworks to controlled environments

They were only used on November 5th originally. Now it’s any excuse to let them off. They should be restricted to certain events and just used at public displays. These days Guy Fawkes night seems to extend to 2 to 3 weeks of noise.

not only should the personal use of fireworks be banned but organised events must be more regulated: restricted for 30 mins during sociably acceptable hours, well advertised, ideally subject to public consultation, venues limited to how many firework events allowed per year. Enforcement is the main problem - totally lacking free for all. I'd like to ban all fireworks whatsoever.

They should only be for specific events at an organised display.

They should only be used for specific events at a public display.

Fireworks are very disturbing to wildlife and domestic pets and should only ever be used in restricted public venues and for significant national events

Fireworks should be at licensed events only, never able to be bought or handled by the general public.

Too many irresponsible people have access to them. Fireworks should be restricted to organised displays and flares used in emergency only.

Public safety should be considered above everything else

There is no place for fireworks at crowded public gatherings.

Of course these things should not be used at public events, seems so obvious, I can’t believe it isn’t already law.

Not everyone is responsible enough to use fireworks safely.

it needs to change

If the use of fireworks is to continue then this makes sense but difficult to monitor.

This measure will emphasise the responsible use of these items, where uncontrolled use at large gatherings such as those mentioned can be very dangerous.

it does not go far enough. We need a complete ban outside of professional, organised displays held during the 'fireworks windows' mention in a previous section.

all fieworks and pyrotecnics should be limited to professionalk displays only.

we need to consider species that are other than human to prevent more becoming extinct.

Use of fireworks and pyrotechnics in close proximity to others who may be unaware is foolish and dangerous.

A risk assessment can be carried out for specific venues - a must before any firework display takex place

Very dangerous at public events like football matches.

Some people give no regard to the distress it can cause animals

I believe there should be a total ban on the possession and use of fireworks and flares by the public at any events.

There is no legitimate reason for a member of the public to take fireworks to such an event.

too many people abuse the use of fireworks, setting them off at all hours and on random days not associated with national celebrations. Anyone with pets will know the stress and anxiety fireworks cause and more control is needed to limited their use to organised events.

It ruins events, there is no need

Existing laws are perfectly capable, they just need application. Creating new laws will not magically solve misuse issues, but it will cause innocent people to miss out their enjoyment and traditions.

It will help stop distress and injury.

I would like to see a complete ban, flares at football grounds in particular is like paying to watch a game in the fog

It scares animals and ao many people get hurt

greater regulation for people holding and organising firework events will ensure that the public at the event and local inhabitants are protected and kept safe. Also, if things ‘go wrong’ for some reason then a culture of learning from mistakes can begin gaining better safety in the long term.

I agree with this because why would it be necessary to take explosives into football grounds or events? Should be illegal

I think there should be much tighter controls over the use of fireworks to protect people, animals & property.

There is no need to have any fireworks or pyro at a sporting event or music festival, nobody goes there just to see the fireworks, surely everyone is there to see the musicians/ Sports team

People have a right to decide for themselves we are not children and should not be treated like such.

it shouldn't target businesses who will hold proper displays but instead be targeted at the general public and sale of fireworks . Perhaps make it only legal to buy fireworks with full id like when you hire a car or travel and register the address you will be setting them off at and the time . This may make it harder for the youngsters to get hold of them .

There needs to be control over the use of fireworks so that action can be used against those who misuse fireworks. Police need to be able to take fireworks off children/adults who are being idiots who are at risk of causing serious harm to people, animals and property. Late night use needs to be stopped outright!

I have been to a football match where a fan threw a flare into a stand below where it could have hit and hurt anyone. There were a number of families with young children in the stand. I don't think the person who threw the flare was trying to hit them and just thought it was funny to try to throw a flare onto the pitch but it begs the question why does anyone watching a sporting event need a flare?

All good in theory but in practice? Just simply ban the loudest kind of fireworks and have done with frightening the hell out of innocent elderly people and animals. Full Stop.

Signal flares should only be used for emergancies.

Just makes sense.

I feel it is extremely important to regulate fireworks and flares at these events as they could pose a public health hazard and unnecessarily disturb the people, pets and wildlife in surrounding areas.

The police and local authorities currently have powers to restrict fireworks & pyrotechnics at events and public places. If it is suspected that fireworks and/or pyrotechnics are being taken to an event why are said bodies not enforcing existing powers?

These are not necessary-at events they are a nuisance and frightening (and dangerous). In sports grounds they are terrifying for local pets. This is not acceptable when the only benefit is fun of a few individuals

It’s helpful for those with animals or with conditions aggravated by fireworks to have an idea when to expect them, since an outright ban is unlikely. But there needs to be provision to enforce this or it will be pointless.

Fireworks should never be abused at music festivals! Unnecessary and dangerous.

Because it’s dangerous

Personal use should be banned especially taken to festivals or other outside event. It is someone carrying a bomb into a crowd. Only professional permitted companies should be able to use them with a permit and only within certain dates. No precessional carrying fireworks should be completely illegal at all times

. Yes the use of fireworks should be governed but at no point should no professionals be allowed to carry or use them. It’s giving a bomb to idiotic people that aren’t trained or care about safety

There should be a complete ban on the use of fireworks

Apart from noise pollution fireworks also cause totally unneccessary environmental pollution in extraction, manufacture and one time use.

Too draconian

Pyrotechnics should be banned at events altogether. Disruptive to surrounding neighborhoods', scares wildlife.

Sports grounds an other private premises already have this power. And it is already illegal to use fireworks dangerously or to set them off in a public place.

So are you saying that the New Years fireworks at Edinburgh Castle will no longer be allowed ? Seeing as it is an event ? Seeing as the government have suddenly decided to kill off a family run business that has supplied firework displays on new years eve to the Uk as well as Scotland for many years !!!

Fireworks should only be used by trained people and only for specific events ( not weddings,parties, etc). New Year,Dwali and any religious celebration that uses fireworks.

Current laws are sufficient. They Just need ENFORCING !!!!

I have pets who are regularly terrified when they are exercised in the back garden and fireworks are being let off. I seem to have neighbours who use fireworks for days before and after popular celebrations. Apart from that, what about our wildlife? Fireworks should have been banned years ago or silent fireworks should be more readily available.

I agree as fireworks and pyrotechnics can be dangerous and pose a threat of injury and even even death if used in crowds. Fireworks and pyrotechnics are now much more powerful than just waving a few sparklers or throwing an occasional banger.

Again, this provides some additional protection for society, but doesnot go far enough to address the problem. Fireworks should be banned.

Personal use of fireworks should be completely banned, you're giving a private individual access to explosive devices. It's distressing in local communities for neighbours and animals.

Again another potential fudge point. Has anyone puting these proposals forward an idea of the public order offences and health and safety requirements for events such as these that are already in place. For example the banning of any type of "missiles" that may be thrown at football matches, the use of pyrotechnics at music festivals, theatrical performances etc. These should be checked and where not in Scottish Law, the requirements should be included and where neccessary improved. Research Req

Fireworks should be banned altogether! This survey goes back to the same question everytime, ARE FIREWORKS WORTH THE DISTRESS, TRAUMA AND EVEN DEATH IT CAUSES TO ANIMALS AND HUMANS? I THINK NOT!

Should be kept for organised fireworks displays only jo need st any other event

They are explosives. There should be greater comeback on misuse. They can be very intimidating.

Fireworks are far too powerful

This is good but not enough. Most of the comments about disagreeing with this aspect seem to be because it doesn't go far enough, or are saying that they think current legislation is enough but isn't enforced enough. I also think there should be more enforcement of current laws.

If the bill restricts the general public from buying any fireworks then automatically this should be restricted.

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