Restrict the use of fireworks & pyrotechnics at events

Restrict the use of fireworks & pyrotechnics at events

The Bill will give the Scottish Government new powers to make regulations to control the possession or use of any fireworks or distress and signal flares at certain locations (such as sports grounds) or at certain events (such as public music festivals, or public marches/processions). If you agree with this proposal, rate it up (πŸ‘), if you disagree, rate it down (πŸ‘Ž). Please tell us why you agree or disagree using the comment boxes below.


Fireworks shouldn't be used in sports grounds or festivals unless organised events.

Why would people even want to do the above? No need.

it is appropriate to restrict the use of dangerous items that can be (and frequently are) used inappropriately and dangerously ...and antisocially

Agree with others - an outright ban is needed

Dangerous in the wrong hands and cause a lot of distress to pets and wildlife

While most people treat fireworks responsibly many don’t, also animals are terrified by them, and often injured

There should only be organised professional displays with people who have training, no one else should be allowed to carry or set off these dangerous explosives.

Help restrict firework use

The less animal abuse, the better.

Fundamentally I do not believe that unlicensed persons should have fireworks in their possession

It may reduce the number of displays or misuse of fireworks, however, this does not go far enough and greater restrictions are needed.

Fireworks should be more tightly restricted.


I think everything should be done to prevent firework use outwith 5th Nov. The presure fireworks does to the emergency services & the public is beyond out of control.The damage this does to animals is irreversible. They are explosives and a danger to life & when seeing used in riots and as weapons towards emergency servives, we should be doing everything possible to prevent this and not to celebrate their usage!

Fireworks cause stress and fear in animals and humans

Should be a complete ban and only used on November 5th LICENSED events !!

Unless they are a part of the show they should not be allowed.

Too many venues see the misuse of fireworks, and particularly distress & signal flares which are high powered items with lethal potential


Restrictions on use is probably the way forward

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