Right to breaks for carers

Right to breaks for carers

The Bill proposes amendments to the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 and to the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013, mainly with the aim of establishing a right to breaks for carers. The proposed amendments to the Carers Act seek “to deliver a right to personalised short breaks support for carers who need it” while Ministers intend to use existing powers to “maintain a national short breaks fund to enable easy-access support for people in less intensive caring roles”. If you agree with these proposals in the National Care Service Bill click the thumbs up button (👍) below. If you disagree with these proposals click the thumbs down button (👎) below. If you are unsure about the proposals and feel you need to know more about them click the question mark button (❓) below. If you have any additional comments about these proposals please provide them in the comment section below.


Breaks for carers are important but for those with financial and legal responsibility for an adult with a disability there simply needs to be flexibility with devolved funding. The office of the public guardian currently monitors spend made on behalf of those in receipt of care payments.

How would short breaks be calculated? Would it be longer for those who had not had a break for a long time?

Wholeheartedly support the need for a break or respite for unpaid carers, who take on the bulk of responsibility. There also needs to be a greater focus on educational and awareness about certain conditions, like dementia, where the carer is left isolated, with people denying it is an issue, due to social stigma.

I'd prefer a more proactive policy,. Empower people to let their unpaid carer more frequent periods of respite during the day/ week/ month. Joint respite should also be considered, providing additional support to the person to have a 'break' with their wife/ husband/ family. Thereby, enjoying greater family life.

Agree it is needed but at the moment carers who work are particularly disadvantaged. If you earn above the limit, you get no financial support. Most support is aimed at those financially disadvantaged by caring, which is right to do, but the stress levels, lack of time for anything but work and caring leads to burnout.

Splendid, but where will you find the resource (carers) to provide the professional replacement care? Unpaid carers will demand that the replacement care is somebody that the cared-for knows and likes, and that they can trust - and there's already a critical shoretage of care workers. And surely any carer who provides more than 40 hours care per week should be entitled - like any other worker - to 28 days annual leave?

Fine as long as the infrastructure to support this is there. e.g skilled staff to provide 24/7 care and places and opportunities at a local and national level that the Carer can access

Need more details on how the Carers Act will be changed so as to ensure Carers Rights are enshrined in law? These short breaks cannot be inflexible and they need to be done well and with Carers in mind. Will there be a LEGAL right to a short break? Will it be for immediate use or take months to get it? Will it include financial support so as to enable the unpaid Carer to be able to take advantage of the break on offer, since for me to take a break my sister needs to pay to fly over to Scotland?

I have money from our short breaks fund here but my daughter needs medical as well as social care and we have found nowhere to spend the money. We are 80 and will need care ourselves soon so what to do

There needs to be a choice of type of short break/ respite. And it should not be based on what is the cheapest but on the needs and wishes of the carer first and foremost. Without unpaid carers the whole system of health and care would collapse!

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