Research, training, and other activities

Research, training, and other activities

The Bill enables Scottish Ministers and the new care boards to undertake or provide funding to support research, training and development of staff and other relevant activities connected to the delivery of the National Care Service. If you agree with these proposals in the National Care Service Bill click the thumbs up button (👍) below. If you disagree with these proposals click the thumbs down button (👎) below. If you are unsure about the proposals and feel you need to know more about them click the question mark button (❓) below. If you have any additional comments about these proposals please provide them in the comment section below.


Providing those with lived experience are centrally included in such provision, particularly training.

Success will depend upon good research and appropriate training. The proposal is therefore entirely necessary.

Agree with need for training and research, but it needs to be value add and not a pet project, influenced by a particular agenda, that is not in public interest. Oversight of provision is key, with challenges over conflicts of interest, ensuring it provides Best Value for money.

I'm in agreement with fionamcc below

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