Independent Advocacy

Independent Advocacy

The Bill gives Scottish Ministers the power to set up independent advocacy services in connection with services provided by the National Care Service. The Scottish Government highlights the importance of access to independent advocacy and brokerage services, including peer services, “in empowering people accessing support and unpaid carers” and ensuring “that their voices are heard” and intends to use this power to “develop and implement a coherent, consolidated and consistent approach to independent advocacy services across the range of NCS services”. If you agree with these proposals in the National Care Service Bill click the thumbs up button (👍) below. If you disagree with these proposals click the thumbs down button (👎) below. If you are unsure about the proposals and feel you need to know more about them click the question mark button (❓) below. If you have any additional comments about these proposals please provide them in the comment section below.


Advocacy and support for vulnerable youngsters is important. Clearly provision needs to be locally available so, a team of volunteers who are paid a fee for the support will be important.

Agree with proposal, but consideration is needed for how this will be managed at a local level. It is important that any provision is thought through, end to end, and not just at a principle level. How will it work in practice, take an example, and run some scenarios to test it.

Advocacy is indispensible. Peer group advocacy, particularly pre-assessment, but esentially peri-assessment, to ensure the person is fully empowered throughout their interaction with the social work/ care professionals. Peer group advocacy is all-important as it can show the person, tangibly, what can be achieved with the power of knowledge and agancy.

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