Dealing with complaints

Dealing with complaints

The Bill proposes the creation of a National Care Service Charter of Rights and Responsibilities, to be co-designed with those with lived or living experience. It is intended that the Charter “will set out what people can expect from the NCS and provide a clear pathway to recourse should the rights in the Charter not be met”. The Bill also proposes to make the NCS “accountable to those accessing social care support through a simplified and robust system for complaints and redress” by: ⚫ “Placing an obligation on Scottish Ministers to ensure that there is a single point of access for complaints in relation to NCS services”; ⚫ Giving Scottish Ministers a power “to provide guidance and directions in relation to care board complaints processes, such as setting best practice / model complaints system”; and ⚫ “…mandating care boards to ensure that their service providers also have suitable complaints systems”. If you agree with these proposals in the National Care Service Bill click the thumbs up button (👍) below. If you disagree with these proposals click the thumbs down button (👎) below. If you are unsure about the proposals and feel you need to know more about them click the question mark button (❓) below. If you have any additional comments about these proposals please provide them in the comment section below.


Support and advocacy for those making the complaint

Any complaints system needs to be geographical area specific. The needs of and opportunities for those in Glasgow will be different from a sparsely populated area. There needs to be local understanding of complaints.

Support the need for governing bodies to be held accountable, and agree the process should be co-designed by those with lived experience.

I welcome this, but people need support at ground level to make a complaint. They must be assured that their complaint will be investigated by an independent authority and that they or their representative (if they wish) are present when decisions are taken.

There are already distinct procedures for both NHS and Social Services. What is neede is a single point of entry into a joint complaints process. And it should be telephone based as well as on-line.

Clarity is needed how this would combine with the role of the Care Inspectorate in Scotland.

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