Creation of a National Care Service

Creation of a National Care Service

The Scottish Government is proposing a new law to create a National Care Service. Currently, social care and social work services are funded and delivered by local authorities through Integration Joint Boards, which are a partnership between local authorities and NHS health boards. The new law proposes to reorganise how these services are funded and delivered by creating new care boards that are directly accountable to and funded by Scottish Ministers. These new care boards will replace the existing Integration Joint Boards. The proposals would allow Scottish Ministers to have overarching responsibility for the National Care Service and give them powers to transfer social care functions from local authorities, to include aspects of healthcare in the National Care Service, and to transfer staff, property and liabilities If you agree with these proposals in the National Care Service Bill click the thumbs up button (๐Ÿ‘) below. If you disagree with these proposals click the thumbs down button (๐Ÿ‘Ž) below. If you are unsure about the proposals and feel you need to know more about them click the question mark button (โ“) below. If you have any additional comments about this proposal please provide them in the comment section below.


Many IJBs are failing and health boards do not pay their fair share of funding. Care boards need representatives from those that currently manage funding under type 1 arrangements on behalf of those in receipt of social care funding. Where good arrangements are made by family members responsible for financial and legal matters this should continue and will relieve the pressure on the new boards.

I welcome this proposal. However, more discussion has to address the relative power dynamics between the various members. There needs to be further discussion/ input to enable true co-production take place; i.e. help to non-professional people to gain the same meaningful influence as professionals; incl. providing additional support to unpaid carers and those with lived experience, and holding meetings in different formats.

I think this would centralise services and remove many anomalies in the current provision of services across the country

If properly funded and monitored there is no reason why local boards - IJB's - cannot continue. But they must be funded properly, and some members given more powers rather than be present as observers (i.e. a vote)

This should allow for equality of service. At the moment the support provided varies considerably between local authorities.

The partnership between local authorities and the NHS has not been particularly successful, with adult social services in our region in what seems to us as service users, to be in a state of chaos .Too many gate keepers and not enough experienced Social Workers in the community.

I work for Edinburgh council care home service it is an excellent service and staff are treated fairly for our hard work and professionalism.. I would be against being transferred to a private care provider as my terms and conditions of employment would be much worse. I have more than 32 years experience in health and social care this is unfair. It is would also give a much worse standard of care to our residents I have worked in the private sector as a nurse and can wholeheartedly evidence

Our local Authority provided good care facilities until about 10 years ago and it has deteriorated since then. I am 79 and have cared for severely disabled daughter for 51 years. If this proposal improved our lot I would welcome it despite preferring local accountability. There are lots of questions. where are the staff and the buildings? My daughter requires medical and leaning difficulty care and we have nowhere to turn to here. Crisis management seems to be all that is on offer.

How will Scottish Ministers be trained so they know what standard good person centred care looks like ? Will they have the time to oversee training and employment standards?

Good arrangements need to continue

Hopefully this would provide a more equal approach, preventing the provision of care being at the political whim of individual councils.

In principle, the creation of a National Care Service could be of benefit, the IJBโ€™s are not effective. However, Scotland does not have a good record of organising funding at a national level, and this is too important an area to get wrong. Social work and care services are the โ€˜poor cousinsโ€™ to the health service, and the value of carer services is not recognised. There is a fundamental reliance on unpaid or family carers, which is not recognised and extremely undervalued.

Many discontents argue this will deny local accountable, via locally elected councillors. I welcome this as it will provide a Nationwide Service which guarantees people's human rights, incl. freedom of movement. it will also ensure equality of service quality. However, discussions still need to be had on how the Minister will choose board members

I agree since with Scottish Ministers having overarching responsibility this in turn comes with direct accountability too.

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