Lack of addiction help and mental health services

Lack of addiction help and mental health services

The lack of mental health services and help with addiction is a disgrace on the Isle of Lewis. As someone with both mental health issues and now recovered from addiction thanks to zoom meetings during Covid, I feel the help available needs to be ramped up. With many young people taking their own lives and struggling with addiction due to not wanting help because of the stigma around it. I am looking for counselling/therepy but would have to go private to see someone soon, this is something I can’t afford and I am at risk of suicide with medication and self help tools being my only hope at the moment. Something needs to be done where people aren’t afraid to reach out for help. The help available on remote islands for addiction revolves around Christianity which I am not against although it is off putting to some people. A form of sanctuary/wellness space is what is needed where people can meet and not feel judged to talk through their experiences whether it be in the form of AA meetings. A rehabilitation service should be available for people on remote islands.


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