Long term chronic conditions and care

Long term chronic conditions and care

For patients accessing treatment eg dialysis or routine appointments for long term chronic conditions. The ease and accessibility of such services. The local dialysis unit distance, the travel back and forth to the hospital and meeting the needs of the patients regarding support and mental health care for such patients. Monitoring and access to care is vital for patients with long term conditions.


Why should people who are in pain, discomfort have to travel when we have CGH on our doorstep which should offer these daily, weekly treatments on their doorstep. We have a high number of mental health cases in Caithness and these poor patients have to travel to Inverness or link up via zoom meetings which in some cases is not enough. The services are stretched and the waiting lists are long the suicide rates are high. Professionals need to be in Caithness seeing patients in person.

Travel to neurology or other specialist appointments is challenging for people with neurological conditions living in remote and rural areas. Individuals may be too unwell to travel or may need to bring a carer with them, which is expensive, tiring and time consuming. People with long term conditions need to be able to access medical appointments more easily.

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