Access to Advanced Prehospital Care

Access to Advanced Prehospital Care

Remote & rural populations should have reliable access to a prehospital clinician able to provide an enhanced level of life saving interventions beyond standard paramedic level. This standard of care is available across the U.K., with nearly all areas covered by NHS funded doctor / paramedic teams. We should fight for equitable access to similar across rural Scotland. As a minimum, ongoing training in enhanced medical skills must be provided to rural doctors, nurses and paramedics, alongside the provision of adequate lifesaving medical equipment.


As a Basics trained rural doctor, i sign on to assist with pre hospital care. I would definitely take up any training offered to improve my pre hospital skills and increase my confidence. I think the initial management of patients is so important as they are likely to have a long transfer to, at best a district general hospital. The type of patient i could be helping manage would in a more central location receive care from a highly trained pre hospital doctor and then be transferred to a trauma centre.

As a doctor living in a remote and rural location, I am the only immediately available doctor. Myself and my SAS and ANP colleagues are the only resource in an emergency. Our location means that occupational hazards include fishing, and working in wild terrain. In the winter, bad weather brings additional hazards, and in the summer we welcome tourists, not all of whom are familiar with single track roads, or aware of the hazards. We are seeing increasing numbers of older tourists with significant health problems. Regular skills training on managing emergencies has been a lifesaver for my patients. New staff may think twice about working in our clinical setting without additional support and training, worsening the recruitment crisis.

Specialist A+E Consultant funding should be provided by SG for island boards. Equitable service to help save lives

Caithness and Sutherland are one of the biggest and remotest areas of the U.K then we should have this service available in our communities.

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