localised care

localised care

Inverness is too far to go (2-3 hour drive, 4 hour train) for a referral from your GP. I would understand is it was for something rare or obscure but for general referrals there should be facility at Caithness general. Although travel costs are partly reimbursed, it does not account for an entire day out of work rather than perhaps an hour if local hospital was used. The impact on patients is too much and also under pressure from covering such a large area.


100% agree with this. It's a very common issue for patients in the Highlands

The last thing you want to do if you are worried about your health is have to sit and worry on an 2hr journey. I have had to go for a dermatologist appointment which lasted 5mins. A day off work, bus ticket, lunch so an expensive 5 mins and the reimbursement didn’t cover the travel costs.

Agree, the distance and frequency we expect people, especially the vunerable to travel for care is unacceptable. Some patients are having to do this trip frequently for part of therapies/treatment, although Raigmore usually accomodating for travel needs where appropriate but it is a huge expectation that patients with the most complex needs can attend Raigmore freely without further consequences on their health.

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