dentist, what dentist?

dentist, what dentist?

There is no local dentist accepting new nhs patients. I cannot afford to go private so therefore must wait until my tooth issues become an emergency before anyone will see me. This is surely a ridiculous way to operate and puts patient wellbeing at the bottom of the priority list.


There are no NHS dentists in the Duns area or beyond accepting patients

Again offer better relocation packages to encourage dentists to move to the area.

We have to travel to Invergorden from wick (1.5hrs) just to see the dentist

It is not affordable for people to travel 1.5 hours each way to visit the dentist. Dental care should be preventative not reactive to emergencies.

No Orthodontic treatment available except in Inverness. Patients usually teenagers and their families having to forgo study/school and families their annual leave to take them to appointments if they are ever lucky to get an appointment and not fobbed off on a nearme appointment. No dentist even in the locality that can help with brace maintenance. Really poor dental service that should be a mandated and introduced at a very early age with regular access for children/families for dental care to promote better dental care and takr away the fear of having to only access in emergencies.

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