Caithness General Hospital

Caithness General Hospital

Bring Caithness General back to a fully working hospital like it used to be. [A family member] recently gave birth in Wick thankfully she didn't get to Raigmore because if she had delivered in the ambulance [the child] would not be here as [they] didn't breathe for the first 10 minutes of [their] life. How is it safe for women to have to travel over 100 miles 2 and a half hours to get to Inverness. This needs to change before there is an awful accident for mum, baby or both. NOTE: Parts of this submission have been edited to be line with our discussion rules - users should avoid making submissions that contain personal information that would identify others without their permission. Thank you.


Definitely we have a right to a hospital which health care services in our county. Again Raigmore will have experienced loss of babies but this figure has never to my knowledge been disclosed. Why build a new maternity unit if Mums to be can’t give birth in it what a ludicrous waste of money which could have been spent on other life saving equipment. Raigmore should not be the epicentre of the highlands. Our experience as a family are staff who are over stretched, stressed and at points down right rude. They have no time to offer proper care and support to the patient or families. CGH the staff are dedicated, caring and have a sense community and pride to look after each patient as an individual not a number.

Caithness General is an amazing hospital. I owe them my life. The care I have had over the years has often been above and beyond. The skillset was never an issue. Caithness always had amazing teams of people working here. Everything changed in 2016 and not for the better. Not for the good of patients or staff. Our hospital had one of the best A&E departments in Scotland, has a CT scanner, has a HDU. It needs to be used more. Care closer to home is so important. Caithness used to have an amazing reputation as a teaching hospital too. It was so much better 15/20yrs ago. I mean how can a 25 bed geriatric ward that always had a waiting list just disappear almost overnight. That had such a knock on effect in the hospital.

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