Transport-availability and issues

Transport-availability and issues

Transport-availability and issues. Eg ferry problems, lack of buses. Cost of travel (I know it can be claimed back, but has to be put out first) Lack of local basic services sometimes. Difficulty in seeing a GP-can cause overuse of emergency services. Recruitment is a real issue in rural and remote areas for GPs, nurses and AHP staff.


Ferries have been a shamles - priority for patients seems to have gone by the board with many appointments lost

This is also a problem as appointments can be early in the morning or late in the afternoon which doesn’t fit in with bus, train, ferry links which could mean an overnight in Inverness or further afield. If you phone to try and change the times you are often meet with resistance and have to reschedule again this could take weeks or months.

It puts people out of pocket if they have to fund their travel and overnight accommodation themselves before being able to claim back from the health board. Some people might not be able to fund it and wait for the refund. The current system puts too much pressure on people's personal finances and circumstances.

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