Cost Effectiveness of Treating Patients in Remote Areas

Cost Effectiveness of Treating Patients in Remote Areas

The cost to the public purse with patients being unnecessarily transported huge distances by either Air Ambulance, or Road Ambulance is huge. Patients own transport costs are huge not just in monetary terms but in time wasted. Patients in remote areas often travel in excess of 150 miles for treatment frequently delaying recovery from injuries or illness. This can not only be at the expense of the patient in travel costs but can also mean time of work so wages are cut and the employer has the expense of replacing a valued member of staff even if another staff member can be found. If appropriate Urgent treatment can be accessed locally all these costs can be mitigated. The cost in setting up or keeping local Urgent Care Centre's can I feel be seen as not just saving the patient unnecessary pain or continuing illness but in the whole be seen as a saving to the public purse. It can also be shown that the release of beds in major hospitals which can be blocked by patients from Remote and Rural areas as local care cannot be found could have a significant saving to the public purse. It is seen as a cost saving shutting local Hospitals and Urgent Care Centres but when the whole budget is looked at in the round the savings to the personal purse and the public purse can I think be significant


I needed an urgent neurology referral under the 2 week pathway. I got an appointment 4 weeks after i saw Gp. The initial appointment i got given ( 2nd August) was 9 weeks after GP appointment. The appointment was in Arbroath- 57 miles away. As i can't drive at the moment, my husband had to take a day off work and he is self- employed so lost a days wages and had to drive nearly 120 miles! We could barely afford the diesel money!

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