Access to affordable transport, accommodation and child care

Access to affordable transport, accommodation and child care

Need to recognise that transport in rural areas is often unreliable and expensive. Support to get to appointments by provision of transport and costs is essential Distances to travel to centalised services mean it is often not possible to get to an appointment and home again on the same day. Support to access patient accommodation that is free to those who require it and affordable to those who have means. This needs to be offered at the point of making appointments and accommodation charges made directly to avoid those in poverty having to pay in advance and claim back. Parents, particularly woman and single parents, with young children are often unable to access appointments, including routine screening due to lack of affordable child care.


I've had to call an ambulance 3 times since 1st April. The 1st one came from Callander and took over an hr. The lead paramedic didn't even though PRI had an a and e department and asked for directions home. More recently, i was on the 2 week referral pathway for an urgent neurology appointment. I saw my GP on the 29th May. The 1st neurology appointment i was offered was on the 2nd August. I phoned ninewells and begged for a cancellation. Secretary told me to go back to my GP and ask them to write again! Obviously, GP refused to do this. Helpful secretary phoned me the next morning and offered me an appointment kn Arbroath on 28th June. Unfortunately, it was in Arbroath, 57 miles away. As i can't drive just now, my husband had to take the da

Living in Caithness we are entitled to use the air discount scheme funded by Scot Gov but this is hopeless as we cannot use it, previously we could. This scheme is now only benefiting patients living on an island and this has not been re-addressed so double benefit to people using this that are entitled to an island living allowance.

I agree. But there's more. Despite transport to care being fundamental, there are government policy backed inequalities that do a particular disservice to people in rural communities. This explains:

bus services to many areas have been reduced makin transport to GP and hospital appointments almost impossible without access to a private car.

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