Supporting all carers

Supporting all carers

There is a shortage of workers across the Highlands and Islands for a variety of reasons (principally housing and cost of living). The current model which distinguishes between paid, professional carers and unpaid voluntary carers is not working. This threatens the health and wellbeing of many of us who live far away from both professional services or friends and family. We need to support both professional and voluntary carers: providing them with the remuneration, transport, training and - crucially - administrative support they need to provide care for folk beyond their immediate neighbourhood or community.


people are at the heart of our health and care community

there is a shortage of carers across all areas in Highland. A family member has been assessed, care needs acknowledged and care hours awarded. However, there are is no availability of carers to meet these hours. If we want allow people to stay at home for as long as possible rather than going into long term care there needs to be urgent action to help recruit and retain care staff.

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