increase GP education about the private options and insuranc

increase GP education about the private options and insuranc

A huge amount of people have untouched work health insurance schemes or in certain health circumstances would be willing and able to pay. Current GP knowledge & communication are extremely limited in this area. Private healthcare in Scotland is not something the public are acutely aware of and many dont use down to lack of info on quality and access. If GPs were able to communcate peoples care options both in relation to NHS treatment options as well as possible private alternatives availbale to them those able and keen to use this route would no longer be on NHS wwitihg lists and this would decrease the list for those who dont have the means or desire to look outside the nhs. Would decrease the pressure on the nhs capacity and give greater patient information and choice.


GP's are in limited supply across rural areas and employed within the NHS, they should not be spending their valuable time and resources being diverted from NHS care to pander to individuals with private ways of seeking alternative care, that is the patients own responsibility Nor should the NHS funds be used having to rectify poor private care/private prescriptions etc.

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