Why do we need COSLA?

Why do we need COSLA?

Holyrood was trying to co-design social care, & gave priority to the views of service users, local providers, carers, and staff- so why was a single North Lanarkshire councillor allowed to dictate policy for the whole of Scotland? What proof do you have that COSLA's views ever represent the views of the majority of Scots? The electorate have no control over COSLA's decisions nor policies nor COSLA's staff/officers/committee members. (I cant vote out Paul Kelly as I dont live in North Lanarkshire.) The point of having a NCS was to reduce the postcode lottery caused by councils and HSCPs ignoring statutory service provision and funding laws, not to enhance it. But if local people/services do "know best" why do we need COSLA when we have councils and Holyrood?


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