Long covid

Long covid

My son [name removed] has been left disabled by long covid and has been ill since March 2020. His case has been brought before the Scottish Parliament by our MSP and we have lobbied and been in correspondence with the previous Cabinet Secretary and still we have received no meaningful medical intervention and have had to pursue private medical treatment. He is not the only young person suffering. What do you intend to do to address the neglect faced by long covid sufferers in Scotland? [NOTE: Parts of this submission have been edited to be line with our discussion rules - users should avoid making submissions that contain personal information that would identify others without their permission. Thank you.] NOTE: Aspects of this question were discussed in Committee on the 12th September 2023. Watch the full session here: https://www.scottishparliament.tv/meeting/health-social-care-and-sport-committee-september-12-2023


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