will complex needs services be commissioned nationally n

will complex needs  services be commissioned nationally n

Deafblindness is a low incidence but complex condition. Providing a social care service with staff team who are highly specialist (7 years training) is challenging when commissioning is local. In order to ensure Deafblind people in remote.rural areas are not left without communication support we undertake vast tendering processes across local authorities even when it might be for 1-2 people.. Even then our teams specialist skills are seldom recognised with £10.90 rates. This makes recruitment for staff impossible as few will undertake 7 years accredited training in Guide Communication, BSL 1-6, Deafblind Manual 3 &6 tactile BSL 3&6. SSSC required training for that pay. We need national commissioning that recognises specialism and reduced tendering admin maximising our time for support


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