NHS Dentistry - a universal service obligation

NHS Dentistry - a universal service obligation

We should have compulsory NHS dentistry provision in all areas . Private dentists would be required to provide a proportion of appointments exclusively for NHS services , E.g a minimum of 25/% . This could be offset by a reduction in business rates, or a redrafting of the NHS dentistry contract if that is within the scope of Scottish Government powers. A minimum universal service obligation should be established ( like the Royal Mail) so that no person should be further than a set distance from any NHS dentist ( to include ferry based travel ).. We have an epidemic of dental disasters just around the corner leading to negative health outcomes unless radical action is taken now to think outside the ‘dental’ box.


I’ve moved to moray almost 3 years ago now and have to travel over an hour to Aberdeenshire (Inverurie) to see a dentist. Said dentist keeps calling the initial registration appointment also.

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