Allow people over 65/pension age access to Motability

Allow people over 65/pension age access to Motability

Currently you can only access the Motability Scheme if you are in receipt of certain benefits where the mobility component is at the higher or enhanced rate. You cannot get this benefit if you are over 65/pension age. As people get older and less mobile they cannot then access the qualifying benefits for the Motability Scheme and therefore the equipment they need to keep them mobile. This is an ageist benefit. Raise the qualifying age for these benefits. Also allow people in receipt of the standard rate of the mobility component access to the mobility scheme for mobility scooters. In already getting the award they have been assessed as having poor mobility so why can they not get an affordable scooter through the Mobility Scheme within the means of their disability allowance?


People aged 65 or over should not be exempt from qualifying for the moving about component of a benefit which would entitle them to qualify for a vehicle under the Motability scheme. To limit those above a certain age is ageism and unlawful and needs to be rectified.

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