Make it easier for rural people to travel for treatment

Make it easier for rural people to travel for treatment

Make it easier for rural people when they have to travel for treatment!


i work supporting carers and on a weekly basis vulnerable people are faced with challenges accessing transport to attend appointments in Glasgow. Some people would like to take a loved one with them - Patient transport does not allow this. Tourism increases significantly public transport is not guaranteed. Travel times increased and sometimes not reliable. on top of all this the emotional and physical challenges of attending appointment's perhaps sadly to be told of bad news. Even hospital admissions for planned operations still face same challenges. work hard in providing what support i can. Sm

Public transport services are very limited, with many people having to rely on prohibitively expensive taxis that have no 'duty of care' for the patient, other than to get them 'there' & back... The 'average' taxi is not designed for the requirements of older people and/or those with poor mobility. As the financial crisis really bites, the ability of volunteers to negate gaps in (transport) service provision is negatively affected.

Cost of living and appointment times do not work with public transport. Often overnight stays are required which can be costly, especially if possibly on reduced or no income due to inability to work due to health. If have a caring responsibility this can be even harder. Ever tried to take your wife with dementia to your oncology appointment - its not easy

Travelling north Aberdeenshire there are many miles even between villages. Buses have been reduced however for a lot of families using buses is not possible. A low cost solution is needed so people can access support/treatment and not be socially excluded further.

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