Make services accessible for people with disabilities

Make services accessible for people with disabilities

Look at how inaccessible services are for many people with disabilities. To travel 3 hours to an appointment at Raigmore Hospital only to find that despite NHS Highland having assessed you as needing the wheelchair they provided you with, it won't manage to enter or allow you to use an accessible toilet anywhere on the campus independently and to have to soil yourself, and remain that way until you get home some 8+ hours later is not only unlawful but unhealthy. To then have your appointment cancelled at Raigmore because you have soiled yourself and there is nowhere you can go to clean yourself or change is abhorrent and unreasonable, and a waste of time and money. The NHS knows it will be providing services for people with disabilities yet it has no policies via which to train staff in understanding people's needs. Provide accessible services and facilities. Make people-centred less about professionals making decisions over people's heads and behind their backs: let them be person-led and have an equal say in what they want out of life. Respect people's human rights. Stop the uneven power dynamics between patients and staff.


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