Why aren't you acting to prevent airborne transmission?

Why aren't you acting to prevent airborne transmission?

“SARS-CoV-2 is primarily spread through respiratory droplets and aerosols..The role of fomites appears to play a minor role in transmission.” (14a Green book). Transmission (eg Covid 19, flu, opportunistic pathogens) & dispersal occur via air. To prevent airborne aerosol infection inhaled like smoke requires well-fitting respiratory masks and action on clean air, rather than wiping surfaces and handwashing (fomites). Yet, the NIPCM just mentions ventilation in a chapter on outbreaks and annex 19 p4. Unlike NHS England, SG has no guidance on use of HEPA and air sterilisation in hospitals. ‘Personal risk assessment’ is tricky when 50-60% of Covid transmission is asymptomatic (Fauci) and testing and data collection discontinued. No public information has been issued about any of this. Why?


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