Your questions, hopes or concerns about the Bill.

Your questions, hopes or concerns about the Bill.

The Scottish Government has introduced the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill which would create a National Care Service. The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee and other Scottish Parliament Committees would like to hear your views. Do you have questions, hopes or concerns about the Bill?


Is the Commissioner responsible for investigating complaints

No mention voting rights for members of Care Boards

Dementia and Alzheimer's: NHS or NCS?

How would short breaks for carers be calculated?

How will Independent Advocacy in Scotland be protected

How many boards there will be and where they’ll be located?

How will the Bill improve how complaints are handled?

Impact on voluntary organisations and charities

Measure Of Sucess

Equal Partners in Care

That this will improve things in the care sector for staff

Improving the status of social care workers

Services should be available in local communities

No wrong door - access to the right support

Will it be properly funded?

NCS Bill will create c £ 25 billion extra cost in a decade

"The EQIA also identified some potential negative impacts"

Concern about a big machine

How will citizens and carers be able to participate in NCS ?

Increasing demand for social care services

How will people be protected from abuse by professionals ?

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