Strategy for dualling the A9

Strategy for dualling the A9

We've heard that there are different ways to dual the A9 between Inverness and Perth. But the fastest way of doing it – dualling multiple sections of the road at the same time –could cause much more disruption. Click 'Share your views' to give your opinion on the best strategy for dualling the A9.


Stopping the Deaths and Serious Injuries on the A9 is URGENT

duelling A9

Dualling needs to be completed promptly

duelling the A9 is essential

Further Delay Unacceptable.

Complete ASAP

Strategy for dualling the A9

The A9 debate is detracting from other needs

A9 dualling works

Traffic needs to keep flowing

A9 dualling views.

Broxton Roundabout Perth

Views from a user

A career of looking after the crashes

Dualling plans

View from Carrbridge

Perfectly adequate

spend the money on uprading railway.take lorries off road.

Sustainable alternatives to dualling the A9


A9 Dualling

Saving lives and expanding the Scottish economy

Inverness only city without a dual carriageway connectivity

Swift completion and resolution please

A9 Dualling

Dual it now!

Compromise - use roundabouts

Finish the Job

Lack of alternitive

Action now and get the road dualled

Stop Consulting and Start Doing!!!

Urgent Action Needed

Accelerate the A9 duelling as a priority

A9 Dualling

there is life above the central belt!

Highland Main Line


a9 views

A compromise is needed, but it needs to be completed.

Active travel also important

View from Ullapool

not worth it

Just get it done ASAP

current danger

Lives have been lost

Let's get it done

single carriageway leads to frustrated drivers

urgent action needed

get a move on!

upgrade soon please

Concentrate on improving safety at junctions

Please dual the A9

get it done

Stipulate maximum length of A9 affected by construction


need run off areas and on ramps from junction

regular driver on the A9

Start with junctions

Safety first for A9 upgrades

Get the job done

Dual A9 quickly, while eradicating accident blackspots

A 9 is a mess

Dual it all asap and stop right turns from joining junctions

How many more deaths do you need on your hands

A9 Dualling LG

I actively avoid the A9

Local resident

This needs to be done.

Local Resident


Simple first!


do it now

A9 urgent

Scottish Govt MUST be held accountable for A9 commitment

No dualling required

Overdue Improvements


When do we start reducing driving?

My view

My view on completion of the dualling of the A9

dualling project should not continue

reduce car use, and build a bike lane instead

Decades behind the times

A9 Dualling

Sooner done the better.

Disruption is a common feature anyway.

it's unfair

A9 common sense approach

Let's feliver on commitments to the North

a compromise …..

Sutherland resident input

needs done now

Example Submission

get started!

Prioritise safety improvements at Broxden and Inveralmond

contract documentation should specify minimising disruption

Aviemore Emergency Responder

Our road network needs big investment

safety concerns

Frequent A9 user, Perth to Tain

It needs done

Several times a year A9 driver

Importance of A9 dualling

A9 dualling

Lifeline to the Highlands

early completion

the cost of life

Lives over disruption

Tourist Traveller


I often travel on the A9

very dangerous road

There is a lot of Scotland north of Perth!

Long Suffering Driver

Get a move on

Fear of the A9

join the country up

Stop making weak excuses and find or borrow the money


Put some [redacted] speed signs up!

Concerned traveller

Reprogramming of works to achieve rapid completion

Learn from other countries!

Get it done.

ASAP-alongside rail enhancements

Let's think about other, quicker, cheaper, greener options

Encourage night time driving

Only a partial answer to a wider question

long overdue


concerned traveller


Build 2 well spaced sections at the same time

consideration of the risks

Highlands being left out for upgrades

Overtaking Lanes

Make this priority


Not fit for purpose


A9 dual the A9 NOW

Please get on with it or more people will die

No more excuses please

A North Highland community relying on this lifeline road

Managed programme of works

A9 dualling

Urgency required

No more lives lost this winter!

The A9 is a national disgrace

A9 safety is the priority, not dualling

well over due

What about the A82?

Get on with it

get on and finish the job. deliver on the promise.

A9 dualling is important for Business & Personal use.

Dual the A9 now


No shortcuts

Stop the killing on the A9

Significant downside to dualling A9

RMW submission

A9 Dualling

local view

Just get it done - we've had all the consultations we need -

Scared and Angry Resident

The Nike approach, or 'Just do it'

Time for action to save lives

A balanced way forward is optimal

Uphold Keith Brown's original plan : A9 Dunblane - Inverness


Get it done!


Dualling urgency

Just get it done!

Priority must be completing the road as soon as possible

The promises need to be kept

Just get it done


Make this road fit for purpose as soon as possible

concerned traveller

Time to deliver

Inverness is the only city not linked by a dual carriageway

No more delays please

The Scarey A9. The wide awake nightmare 😱

Please complete the A9 dualling as soon as possible.

Get on wi’it!

Start the work now - no more public consultations

A9 comments

Just get on with it

the A9 is an embarassment

dual quickly

All A9 deaths after 2025 on the SNP

A9 Dueling

Timescale of A9 dualling

Get it done

Get on with it! No more kicking the can down the road.

A9 Views

Prioritise A9 improvements now

Dual the A9 as soon as possible

Get it done quickly and stop making excuses!

Action now!- money spent on road not more consultation

dual as quickly as possible

get it done and save lives

better road markings, increased police patrols

As soon as possible

Let's get it done.

Don't take us for mugs

Get the A9 Dualled ASAP

Dual the A9

People are dying unnecessarily on this road.

A9 dualling contract strategy

A tourist's perspective

it's a 9 to 5 culture with a 2 hour lunch

Balance needed btwn dualling asap & not cutting north off

A9 Upgrade Required Now

duel the A9 to make the road a lot safer !!

annoyed road user

At 1 mile a year it will be 2103 for completion - total joke

Get on with it!


just get it done! you've wasted enough time already

Long overdue, please get on with it!

Dual A9 to Inverness, improve A9 to Thurso, A99 to Wick.


Role of A9 Safety Group

I support dualling the A9

Fast Forward the A9 to be fit for purpose.

db views

Dual More Now

Safety is paramount

minimise disruption to existing raffic.

No dualling, point safety upgrades only

quicly is the best way - as slow and steady does not work

Stop the delays and get on with the job

No, we are in a climate crisis

My opinion as an A9 user for 34 years

Get it Done

A9 dualling

Please do not dual the A9

Simply LONG over due!

Invest in rail! The A9 is a bottomless money pit.

Bing Bang or Slow Trickle? I thing we need a Big Trickle com

safety before anything

Truly prioritise A9 Dualling - no more excuses

A9 upgrade please

Make the A9 Safer & Fit For Purpose

Multiple Work Sites Required

A9 views

No more excuses

Safety and the environment matter more than journey times.

Utilise the Railway and spend the money on improving that.

we need to reduce car use

do multiple section simultaneously

Get on with it

Each journey starts with a single foot step …….

View on best strategy

Staggered dueling

Lets get this done

my views

A9 Dualling

Bury new pylons under dualled A9

Dualling is the wrong answer.


Dualling needs to happen now

Change needed as quickly as possible

Its time !!!

How many more people have to die ???

look for better ways to improve safety

Essential dualling

this delay is holding back road users safety

Dualling Essential

Get up to date

URGENT! Full dualling ASAP!!

Needs to be dualled ASAP

Safety is paramount

A822/A9 junctions are dangerous immediate action needed

Rogart resident with family in Fife using A9 regularly

It's time to get real about this.

Get it done!

Have no gaps in construction - always work on something

Form of Contract (D&B v NEC4)

Stop wasting time.

get a move on

You can’t put a price on life

Dual the A9 Now


This wouldn't happen in the central belt.

Promised A9 dualling

Dual the A9 ASAP

A9 fatalities are usually at junctions

Delayed dualling decision means no investment in junctions

start the work

Stop the dither and get on with it

prioritise at all costs

A matter of urgency.

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