Climate change and you

Climate change and you

The Scottish Parliament is scrutinising the Scottish Government's Climate Change Plan. The initial stage of this exercise is now closed. The submissions will be used to support future scrutiny of the updated Plan when it is published. Learn more, click the ❓ button on the top right of the page.


Ease restrictions on personal electric vehicles over 250W

Better and cheaper public transport (Paisley pop up stall)

Make electric cars attractive (Paisley pop up stall)

Garioch Women for Change - Eco Event - feedback - TRANSPORT

Prove to the Nation that there is a Climate Emergency

Abolish domestic flights

More electric bike subsidies

Zero VAT for Bike and Active Travel Equipment Hire and Sales

Better Urban Path Networks

Recognise that free car parking is a subsidy

Fewer flights

A Scientific Approach to the Climate Change Crisis Plan

Prioritise getting cars moving again

Default 20mph speed limit in cities

Ban cyclists from public roads

Actually implement results from previous consultations

Improve Infrastructure for Active Travel

Relax & clarify laws on low-power transport (e.g. scooters)

Enforce, and substantially increase, fines for cyclists

Restrict parking at work (paisley pop up)

Introduce Congestion Charging in major cities

segregated cycle lanes

Implement ‘Strict Liability’ for motorists

Decrease costs for public transport

Stop building new roads/ super roundabouts

Better public transport - more connected

Make cyclists pay road tax

Make roads safe for cycling


Environmentally conscious public transport

covered cycleways

Staycation Scotland

Increase support and subsidies for electric cars

Building massive neighborhoods in the outskirts

Remove parking fees from train station car parks

Treat Dangerous Drivng as a serious crime

make dynamo lights commonplace on bikes in UK

Get rid of Speedbumbs

Discourage driving

Default 40mph speed limit in rural areas

active travel

Reduce/stop the use of fossil fuel for transport

Reduce the big carbon emitters to absolute minimum

Installing enviromentally friendly measures

Make all new houses passive

Listen to local groups (Paisley pop up stall)

pollute more pay more taxation

Windmill with no planning required (Paisley pop up stall)

Grants for solar panels (Paisley pop up stall)

Free Solar Panels

support local communities to create solar co-ops

Clean and sustainable energy (Paisley pop up stall)

Award Greta Thunberg ‘Freedom of Scotland’

stop sealing the ground with plastic grass

Kite Turbine Testing

Use less electricity (Paisley pop up stall)

Switch off some public lighting.

Solar Panels on residential buildings

Implement true carbon pricing into goods and services

End the SNP opposition to nuclear power

Garioch Women for Change - Eco Event - Feedback - ENERGY

Reduce packaging waste

Improve Recycling and Reduce Landfill

Reduce Food Waste

Return and re-use schemes (Paisley pop up stall)

Stop using plastic bags

more recycling Initiative

community Repair hubs and tool libraries

Recycling education (Paisley Pop up stall)

Use of natural fibres

Schools to tidy their environment

The handling of litter

Better recycling practices (Paisley pop up stall)

researching re-use

Refill water bottles (Paisley pop up stall)

Waste less in the workplace (Paisley Pop up stall)

Community sewing courses and clothes repair stations

More plastic and less glass (Paisley pop up stall)

Improve recyling of waste which produces heat & power

Garioch Women for Change - Eco Event - Feedback WASTE

nlc recyle rules

recyclable materials for single use products

Reducing household waste

Encourage wider use of eco friendly incinerators

Recycle glass bottles

Population Control

A Carbon Bank

Garioch Women for Change - Eco Event - Feedback - HEAT

Skills to adapt houses (Paisley pop up stall)

Make landlords responsible for insulating properties fully

Ground Source heat pumps

Get rid of expensive Total Heat Total Control Electricity

Heating/insulating older buildings (Paisley pop up stall)

replace all single glazed windows

stop using natural peat for burning or horticulture

Domestic Energy Saving

Support change from gas central heating

Reduce the level of domestic wastage in households

Improving home insulation

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