Climate change and you

Climate change and you

The Scottish Parliament is scrutinising the Scottish Government's Climate Change Plan. The initial stage of this exercise is now closed. The submissions will be used to support future scrutiny of the updated Plan when it is published. Learn more, click the ❓ button on the top right of the page.


Start thinking of cyclepath as a network and fill the gaps l

Equality in Transport renewal

Prioritise getting cars moving again

Cycle to work (Paisley pop up stall)

Reduce packaging waste

Better Urban Path Networks

Improve integration of cycling and public transport


Solar Panels on residential buildings

Improving home insulation

Ground Source heat pumps

active travel

Building massive neighborhoods in the outskirts

Support change from gas central heating

Reduce the big carbon emitters to absolute minimum

Prove to the Nation that there is a Climate Emergency

Decrease costs for public transport

Stop building new roads/ super roundabouts

covered cycleways

reduce traffic emisions

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