Climate change and you

Climate change and you

The Scottish Parliament is scrutinising the Scottish Government's Climate Change Plan. The initial stage of this exercise is now closed. The submissions will be used to support future scrutiny of the updated Plan when it is published. Learn more, click the ❓ button on the top right of the page.



Community sewing courses and clothes repair stations

Garioch Women for Change - Eco Event - Feedback - ENERGY

Garioch Women for Change - Eco Event - feedback - TRANSPORT

Garioch Women for Change - Eco Event - Feedback - FOOD

Garioch Women for Change - Eco Event - Feedback WASTE

Waste less in the workplace (Paisley Pop up stall)

Electric vehicles and long distances (Paisley pop up stall)

Heating/insulating older buildings (Paisley pop up stall)

Use money allocated to road building for green projects

Stop using plastic bags

replace all single glazed windows

Improve Infrastructure for Active Travel

Ban cyclists from public roads

segregated cycle lanes

Enforce, and substantially increase, fines for cyclists

better connected public transport

Make cyclists pay road tax

Make roads safe for cycling

Treat Dangerous Drivng as a serious crime

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