Climate change and you

Climate change and you

The Scottish Parliament is scrutinising the Scottish Government's Climate Change Plan. The initial stage of this exercise is now closed. The submissions will be used to support future scrutiny of the updated Plan when it is published. Learn more, click the ❓ button on the top right of the page.


Label environmentally friendly meat

Waste less food (Paisley pop up stall)

Good farming practices (Paisley pop up stall)

Sustainable cookery classes

Grow and cook your own food (Paisley pop up stall)

Glass milk bottles (Paisley Pop up stall)

Produce/eat more local fruit and veg (Paisley pop up stall)

Seasonal Eating and Reducing Food Miles

Buy food without packaging - Paisley pop up stall


Subsidise dairy use of glass milk bottles

Garioch Women for Change - Eco Event - Feedback - FOOD


Farm Subsidies to enhance the Environment.

Incentives for locals to buy local produce

Introduce Land Value Taxation

cheaper vegan and vegetarian food and more access to it

Making changes to diet

Promote plant based diets

Eat 16kg of meat per year

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