Community Wellbeing: What matters to you?

Community Wellbeing: What matters to you?

The Local Government & Communities Committee is planning future work into community wellbeing and we'd like to hear your ideas and suggestions for what we should focus on. For more information about how to get involved click on the (?) button in the main menu above.



Spaces and places within communities

Abandoned high streets

health and well being promotion

Youth Work

eradicate odour pollution in communities

Invest in mental health services and community safety

Knit & Natter for social cohesion and participation

Statutory obligation provide green spaces/parks.

Volunteering improves health, wellbeing and employability

Activities for teenagers in local areas

Fully funded parenting classes

Community Wellbeing and the Holistic Environment

Wellbeing through Community Schools

Hidden deprivation within communities

Looking at the bigger picture - Supporting the whole

cheaper entertainment clean streets

National Planning Framework and wellbeing

Chief Planning Officers

Resourcing places that support wellbeing

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