Community Wellbeing: What matters to you?

Community Wellbeing: What matters to you?

The Local Government & Communities Committee is planning future work into community wellbeing and we'd like to hear your ideas and suggestions for what we should focus on. For more information about how to get involved click on the (?) button in the main menu above.


Breaking the cycle of poverty




Prescribing nature and physical activity for wellbeing

solar panels for heating in low decile homes

Investment in Health Coaching and Health Coaches

stop removing female single sex provision in facilities

Litter/dog waste

homelessness, mental health support and more effective rehab

Universal basic income

provision of public transport that is affordable

250m network of segregated cycleways in urban areas

More Community Transport

stop building houses without the necessary infrastructure

more public seating

Tool Libraries

Mix communities, rich, poor together

growing own vegetables and fruit

Music provision for young people

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