What matters to you?

What matters to you?

We want to hear about your priorities for Scotland. Tell us the issues you feel the Scottish Parliament's committees should focus on between 2021 and 2026. Watch the video for more information and click '?' for details of our discussion rules and privacy notice.



Unpaid carers

More must be done to help homelessness in rural communities

Scrap Anti-Homeless Architecture

poverty and problem debt

universal basic income

child tax credits

Pensioner Poverty

Homelessness across Scotland

making sure life is fair for all

An inclusive Scotland for blind & partially sighted people

Ban the sale of personal data

Stay closely aligned to EU human rights laws

Banning conversion therapy

Male violence against women

Women's sex based rights

Sex as a protected characteristic

i want a safe happy environment for children to grow up

Protection of women's sex-based rights

Protection of vulnerable groups

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